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1536 - 2/14/2018 - - I am seeking information on Thomas Taylor, born 1893 in Virginia. In 1850 living in Washington County Ohio with Deighton Taylor and Jackson Taylor, Jackson's wife Sarah Donovan Taylor and their children. Is listed as blind on the census. Jackson died in 1852, Sarah remarries. Deighton is my 3rd great grand father. He claimed Thomas Taylor's military land grant in Van Wert Ohio after he married Elizabeth Bennett. Thomas Taylor served as private under Capt James Brown from Oct 2, 1812 to February 20, 1813 and must have continued his service. land patent stated he was a corporal. I am looking for my cousins, hope I find you soon!

1531 - 2/13/2018 - - Looking for info about my great grand parents. Monroe and Polly Taylor. My info is that Polly was a full blooded american indian with the last name of Sutton.

1528 - 2/3/2018 - - I am stumped. My great grandfather was James A Taylor.He married Leatha Mary Titchenal in 1899 in Illinois.He is buried at short cemetery in Madison County Illinois. He died around 1907.His ancestry is a mystery. He worked for the railroad in Alton IL.He was tall with red hair and blue eyes.I just thought I would put this out there if anyone has any info. Thanks!

1516 - 1/28/2018 - - I am looking for information for Mary Taylor. I don't have much information. All I have is she was married to Daniel Chapman on 30 Mar 1843 . Boone County, Missouri, USA. I am finding hard to fine anything on Mary or Daniel. Please help.

1515 - 1/2/2018 - thomas, - I am attempting to explore the lineage of James Clarence Taylor of Dixie WV. His Dad or my great grandfather was Nelson L Taylor born 1856 in Nicholas CO or Clay Co VA. I am stumped on the Taylor clan. Does anyone have any information about this branch. Thanks for any hints from family Bibles.

1467 - 10/29/2017 - - I am looking for information on Solomon Taylor of Massachusetts. (Abt.1745- 1/27/1853) Solomon's death cirt. lists his father's name as John Taylor. I know for sure that he married Isabella Pratt in Milton, MA on July 11, 1816. At the time of the marriage I believe he was living in Milton, MA. They moved to Cohasset, MA were there two sons were born. Children: John Solomon Taylor b. abt 1820 in Cohasset, MA d. July 16, 1893 in Cohasset, MA William Bourne Taylor b. July 12, 1822 in Cohasset, MA d. ????? Solomon died in Dracut, MA. 1/27/1853. I would welcome any information on either Solomon or William.

1458 - 9/17/2017 - - I search my ancestors through Henry George Washington Taylor, born in North Carolina in 1812 and migrated to Mississippi when the Indian lands were opened. He married a Nancy Teagle from Alabama and had 5 children in the Grenada, Miss. area. Then he married the widow of Charles Hearn, Icebelle Wiggins (dad Garrett) and had one child by her, my grandfather Robert Lee Taylor who founded Federal Compress and Warehouse Co. which became the largest of its kind in the world - and he never went to school. Started work on the L&N railroads when he was 12 and living in Providence, Miss. with his mother. My grandfather married Sarah Lea of Red Banks, Miss. I have lots of information on her side and the Wiggins but no one seems to know who HGW Taylor's parents (and this my ancestry line that is so important) is. HGW died in Grenada and I have all that data but nothing says who his parents were. I don't know if he had brothers and sisters. I just know my Dad said we were directly kin to Zachary Taylor and I can't get us there. Since we are such a small family and I have no living relatives (other than my children and grandchildren) I have little info other than the family was involved with the MacMaths, the Hearns, the Cheairs, the Leas, the John and Whitfield Kings (who lived next door on S. Parkway in Memphis, where I was born.) My father William Lea Taylor (only heir since his brother Robert Lee was killed in an auto accident at 20) graduated from Princeton and was an outstanding business man - making the Federal Compress a conglomerate called Federal Co. and then bought Holly Farms Chicken etc. which we lost in a hostile take-over in the late '90ties when my brother (only sibling) Robert Lee Taylor was CEO. I am an Anglican/Episcopal priest and live part time in Memphis and part in Uruguay, where I was ordained in 1995. The stained glass windows in St. Mary's Cathedral in Memphis are mostly dedicated to my family (Sarah Lea Taylor, Robert Lee Taylor, John S. King, etc. ). I'm trying to find out their role in its creation. I would be ever grateful if someone could unlock the door so I can continue with my Taylor line. (I already have 18,000 names on my tree since I started in Feb. this year, thanks to two friends who blessed me with this addiction. Blessings to all who share their histories.

1453 - 8/15/2017 - - Looking for information on the parents of a relative named Tom Taylor who was born April 3, 1897 near Dalhart, Texas. His mother died shortly after and his father and an uncle were killed in a bar room fight in Amarillo,Texas. He stated his parents were Tom and Sammy Nutter Taylor from TN. After they died he lived with other people in TX, NM, and Arizona and worked as a ranch hand. He said he had one older sister but he didn't know her name and some relatives in Denver,CO with surname of BATES. Think I found his father Tom Taylor in 1910 Yavapai co,AZ census at age 50, but he says he was born in Texas as was his parents. There is also a Tom Taylor in 1910 Hartley co, TX census, age 30 and working as a ranch hand. He states born in Tennessee and doesn't know where his parents were born. IN 1920 I found Tom Taylor, age 22 living as a roomer in Gila co,AZ. Cannot find him on a 1930 census. By 1940 he is married and living in Unionville, Putnam co,MO. He died there June 6, 1948. Hope someone can connect to them. Thank You

1452 - 8/11/2017 - - Looking for info. Great grandfather oscar howard married to parley taylor howard. Harlan county kentucky. Can't find anything else on howard side. Parley taylor was daughter of George Washington taylor. Please email if you have any info

1443 - 7/8/2017 - - Listed 1850 St Francis, children of Tabitha Speer Taylor Henry James Taylor, John Taylor, Mary Jane Taylor, Sarah Henry, Alfred Henry Her parents are buried in Starrville Texas Mary came to Texas with Alfred Mary was the daughter of John M. Taylor Looking for grave of Tabitha

1384 - - - I am looking for any information on my ancestor SIDNEY MATTHIAS TAYLOR born 24th Feb 1884 in England. The last record I have of him was his arrival at Ellis Island on 24th Jul 1902. According to that entry he was going to meet his brother LAWRENCE HENRY TAYLOR (born England 1875) in Chicago. Since then I have not been able to find any record of Sidney or Lawrence. They had a brother HAROLD THOMAS TAYLOR (b1874) who was a farmer in Canada, but they do not appear to have joined him across the border. I have been searching for them for many years thus any information would be greatly appreciated.

1383 - 10/14/2015 9:46:27 AM - - >I am trying to find information that may be available on my 3x great grandfather, James Holmes Taylor. He was born December 5, 1821 in Ireland. He is to have reportedly come to the United states in 1842 and naturalized on May 7, 1843. On May 9, 1863 he married Jerusha Elizabeth Maples. I have information from him to myself but can not find any other information on James himself. I was wondering if anyone has any insight or information on James Holmes Taylor, such as his parents, etc or where else I may look. Thank you for your time and efforts.

1382 - 10/2/2015 4:44:41 AM - - Looking for info on noah taylor born 5/11/1900 father charlie from Va. Mother unknown. This is all I have. Date's of birth may be wrong but death is 12/09/1968 in bell co ky.

1380 - 9/23/2015 3:11:58 PM - - Looking for any information on Richard Taylor. He was born about 1834 in Tennessee. He married Mary Francis Shufort on 2/11/1868 in Carroll Georgia. They lives in Maury City Crockett Tennessee in 1880. Children included: William Taylor born-1869 Fanny (Francis) Taylor born-1873 Isaac B. Taylor-1876-1948 Lucy Alma Taylor, Chapman-1877-1950 After Mary Francis Shufort, Taylor passed away in 1878, Richard married Susan Thomas-born in Florida 1847. After Richard Taylor's death, Susan married W. C. Tidwell on 9/22/1908 in Arkansas.

1379 - 8/9/2015 11:33:48 PM - - My great grandmother' s second husband name is. Joseph N. Taylor. They married in September 30,1925. From records that I read he came from Yoakum , Texas near Brownfield and Plains. He had been a cook in a number of hotels My g-g mother' s name was Jennie Louise .Her maiden name Scott.of any of sounds familiar please email what you known

1368 - 6/20/2015 9:06:24 AM - - Hello, I'm Looking For My Taylor Side. My Great Great Grandparents: Henry Taylor & Virginia Taylor, Great Grandparents: Reginald N. Taylor & Ruth Taylor, Grandparents: Reginald N.Taylor Jr. & Mattie Taylor. Far As I Know We Are From Virginia. Please Let Me Know If You Have Any Information, Thanks So Much!!

1366 - 6/17/2015 3:26:49 PM - - After much effort, I cannot find the parents (and ancestors) of my great grandfather, James Bradley Taylor. All my other ancestors I have located back to at least the 15th and 16th century. Following is the data I have on James Bradley Taylor. He was born August 15, 1833, either in Kentucky or Sangamo St. Clair, or Edgar County, Illinois. He died May 1, 1904 and is buried in Mt. Tabor Cemetery (Brown School), Brady, McCulloch County, Texas. I have a copy of the yellowed newspaper obits from several newspapers. The 1904 obituary provides some information and background, but I can't seem to make it work. According to the obit, James Bradley Taylor was a lawyer, was a school teacher sometimes and was a preacher in the Christian Church and may have been somewhat involved with the cambell-lite Christian Church separation organization. The obit refers to that, and also says he was born Aug 15, 1833, and was born in Kentucky, but with his parents moved as a small child to Illinos (does not state county. Info above is from another source. Obit also states parents were born in Kentucky and lived there until removing to Illinois. It further states James Bradley Taylor went to school, became a lawyer (and I quote the flowery language of the obit) and practiced at the bar with the great Mr. Lincoln. But probably not, as Lincoln was about about 20 years or so older, although they may have served together on the eighth circuit court (which was Springfield, Ill). The obit then states that James Bradley Taylor was uncomfortable with the practice of law after about 8 or 9 years and ceased has practice and went to Missouri, where he taught school for a while. Then about 1865 he went to Gilroy township, Santa Clara County, California. He is listed on California Voter Rolls in 1865, 1866 and 1867. Some years they state town of Gilroy and some years town of Santa Clara. His occupation is listed as Farmer. He then leaves California and goes to Texas. He is married to my great grandmother, Ann Eliza Ainsworth in 1869 in DeWitt County, Texas, at the age of 36. From this point forward in Texas, I have extensive background data, but none seems to point back to James Bradley Taylors parents. If anyone has any information or can guide me I will most appreciate it. It does seem my great grandfather did at least establish a trend still going on today. Nearly everyone in my family is a lawyer. Me, My Mother, Father, Brother, Sister in Law, Sister are all lawyers, as well as many other relatives.

1365 - 6/6/2015 9:58:16 PM - - I am seeking the specific burial location of William P. TAYLOR, born 3 August 1884 and died 17 May 1969 at Hawthorne, Los Angeles, CA. He was said to have been buried at the Holy Cross Cemetery. The problem is: Holy Cross Cemetery has two locations in that area: one at Pomona and another at Culver City? So where is he buried at? He was married to Mary Cecelia SMEALL (1879-1968). Please email me if you can help me with this question.

1362 - 5/26/2015 6:18:15 PM - - Searching for information on a Henry Taylor who was in Chester County Pa. and a sister named Eliz Taylor who Married a William Tsylor. They had a brothr Richard Taylo that came from Park City Utah. to sign land over to Henry and Eliz. 1903. some Land. They came from Ireland.

1348 - 5/19/2015 8:37:31 PM - - I am looking for information on parents and birth record of Morris Irvin (or Ervin) Taylor possibly born about 1823 in Buckhorn, VA

1343 - 5/19/2015 1:40:41 PM - - Thomas Taylor, ca 1790 - after 1860 in Overton Co., TN. Married to Mary. Children: Minerva,Nancy, Parks, Rutha, John William, George, Logan, Jane and Martha. Jane married Valentine Sample.

1342 - 5/16/2015 11:00:05 AM - - My GGG grandpa was William Tarlton Taylor born in VA in 1759, thru his son Levi, his son, Alfred P. and his son, Thomas Nelson Taylor. Does anyone know who William's parents were and tell me how they found them.

1318 - 4/3/2015 2:49:19 PM - - I'm looking for information/father of Nancy Taylor who married Mathew Chiles in 1795 Johnston Co, NC.

1317 - 3/19/2015 9:45:05 AM - - I am looking for information about Sarah Jane Taylor born in Texas 1858. apparently related to the Taylors of DeWitt County feud. She had moved to west Texas married Thomas Birtrong Jr. Was burned out of Sonora, TX move to New Mexico. was layed to rest in Lordsburg.

1316 - 3/17/2015 3:08:12 AM - - Hello, I am researching my Thomas family tree and am currently looking at EMMA THOMAS Born 1848 St Agnes, Cornwall, England. Emma married THOMAS TAYLOR who was a farmer at "Beaumaris" near the coast East of Masterton, in the Whareama district of New Zealand. I believe Thomas was born circa 1845 and died and was buried in Masterton in 1931. Any information regarding this marriage and family history would be very welcome. Thank you.

1315 - 3/22/2015 9:44:00 PM - - Searching for George Taylor (my mother's birth father.) He is possibly from South Carolina, born in the 1930's. Married to Annalisa Bornke of Germany. He served in the military in Germany. Only known children is my mother: Karen Taylor.

1314 - 3/14/2015 8:04:29 PM - - I'm trying to trace the ancestry of my paternal grandmother, Lily Arwood Taylor. I believe she was born in NC, married John Hart Taylor, and lived most of her married life in Johnson City, Tn. They had 10 children. I would like to know more about the Arwood ancestors, especially if there are any American Indian ancestors in the family. Any info would be appreciated.

1305 - 8/24/2014 6:08:37 PM - - If any one knows Mary Jane Taylor Or just Jane Taylor from North Carolina b abt 1842 please email me. My husband James Donald Liles from Wilson, North Carolina ggreat grandmother was Jane Taylor. If you know anything about her family father/mother please get in touch. I am doing my husband James genealogy for him. We know Mary Taylor married Wesley Liles abt 1855 in North Carolina. They had about four children together and must have separated or divorced as she had son Joseph Kincaid Liles(or Joshua Morgan) in 1877 in No. Carolina. Please email me:

1302 - 3/10/2014 10:41:50 AM - - Hi All- I am looking for relatives of Mr. George H. Taylor ( born around 1924) and Mrs. Dorothy L. Taylor (born around 1928) they were married (around 1948 +or - ). They were both born in Middleboro Massachusetts, had 5 children and lived In Rochester Mass in 1967. Any help or information you can send me would greatly be appreciated . Please email me Thank You!!

1299 - 11/27/2013 12:15:34 PM - - Hello, I am looking for information on Susanna Taylor McCrory b. 1822 in SC. Married to John McCrory b. 1794. Specifically, I am looking for documentation of her Native American heritage, as several bloggers have indicated she was Cherokee. Thank You, Lynne Chacon

1288 - 7/26/2013 7:25:21 PM - - I have some info about the William Taylor 1773-1840 submitted by the tombstone is on my property.

1287 - 7/14/2013 6:54:53 AM - - My uncle was Herman Lamar Taylor, born in Wilcox Co., Georgia June 19, 1942. Whom passed away February 15, 1962 in Jacksonville, Florida from complications in a car accident. Herman is buried in Columbus, GA in the Riverside Cemetery. He was married to Annette Williams from Columbus, Georgia and had a half-brother, Ted Jones and he was a Radio Announcer. I'm looking for his family and Penny (their daughter)was born in Jacksonville, Florida, Herman Lamar Taylor, Jr. born in either Columbus, Georgia or Phonix City, Alabama, the later part of February 1962. Please help to find.

1286 - 7/8/2013 9:45:55 PM - - Nathaniel Taylor born 1680 and his son, Issac Taylor born 1710, who came to Virginia from Ireland about 1740 and assisted in settling in Augusta County, Botetourt County and Montgomery County, Virginia. I believe I am related and would like any information. Please share.

1282 - 4/30/2013 4:28:39 PM - - Any info on John R Taylor born 1818 in Whitestown, Pa. would be welcome. I believe he married a Mary (?). Together they had a daughter named Martha near Plum, Pa.

1280 - 4/29/2013 3:50:50 PM - - I am wondering if you can help me locate infomation on my great great great grandfather John Taylor, who married Eliza Arthur. I have always been told that they were native americans. I believe they were Choctaw Indians, not exactly sure. Out of this union they had sons "Charles James Taylor" who was my great grandfather and "John Taylor". They possibly could have had other children. Charles James Taylor immigrated to Bermuda in the 1800's and married Jane Ann Alick. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer me. Thanks!! Ianthia - hailing from the Bermuda Island of Bermuda.

1273 - 1/22/2013 8:52:40 AM - - I am researching my family tree and am a descendant of Captain Benjamin Clements, born in Ameilia Co. Virginia around 1700 and married to Susannah Hill. So far, I show his parents are listed as William Clements and Ann Taylor. I can find nothing on Ann Taylor and am hoping you might have some information. They probably would have been married in Ameilia or Orange Virginia somewhere around 1670-80

1266 - 11/3/2012 3:15:21 PM - - One of my great, great grandfathers was George Michael Delanoy, married to Elizabeth Taylor. I am trying to find his father or mother. My information on Elizabeth Taylor is that her father was Pollywycopus William Taylor who was the youngest son of a British nobleman

1240 - 8/20/2012 10:40:14 AM - - My grandmother was leola Winkler ahe married Zeb Farthing of Boone, NC. Her mother was lela Taylor,and her father was Randy Taylor and mother Rebecca Moody kirby.I think Kirby must have adopted her. I traces the mother side Moody back to Plyver Baeber born in 1740 in Augusta county, NC. I am still resurching the Taylor name.

1158 - 7/12/2012 8:23:19 AM - - I am looking for information about my grandparent, Jesse Love Taylor, born 1874-1950, parents. He lived in Dunklin County, Cardwell, MO, and married Nora Ann Whitehead from Malden. I believe his parents were born in Tennessee as shown on census but no names listed. I am trying to trace Taylor side of family. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it so much. The census shows he had a brother named Frank. On my grandfather's death certificate, it shows his father's name as Joe Taylor; no name is given for mother. Thank you

1157 - 7/2/2012 3:43:01 PM - - I am looking for information on William Jessie Taylor born in or about 1883 in Arkansas.. His children were Samuel, Horace, Francis, Jesie Lee, Dorothy and Harry - all born in Tennessee. He may have been adopted. Any help is greatly appreciated.

1156 - 6/17/2012 2:47:11 PM - - Looking for info on the Taylor Brothers who died at the Alamo. Sons of Anson Taylor and Wife Elizabeth Maley Taylor. Parents had died before sons went to Alamo. What year they were married and how long? Info on the other children? Thanks. T.Taylor

1146 - 5/21/2012 8:00:51 AM - - I am looking for information on the family of Timothy C. Taylor. Served in 13 regiment in Effington, NH (19 Aug 1862) on the Union side.

1129 - 3/31/2012 7:17:59 AM - - My family information is from the Scott-Holeman branch. Dorcas Ann married 1 - Strong Wood (Woods) about 1841 and they had a daughter, Mary Hannah Woods who married my Elisha Scott. Dorcas married 2nd Andrew Taylor and 3rd Thomas Holeman. The son of Thomas Holeman and Dorcas was my line, James P. Holeman. They are buried at the Creek Co. Oklahoma cem. Obituary of Dorcas Ann Holeman and Thomas Holeman. My Elisha Scott married the daughter of Dorcas and Strong Wood. ELISHA SCOTT Jr., b. 20 Jul 1840 in Boone Co.Indiana, d. Jan 1901 in Fall River,Kansas Father Elisha Scott Mother Mary A. married MARY HANNA WOOD,28 MAR 1864 b. 8 AUG 1843, Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH d. 27 Nov 1930, Fall River,Kansas Father of Mary Wood ... Strong Wood Mother of Mary Wood ... Dorcas Ann Taylor marriage of Elisha Scott and Mary Hannah Wood: The Fall River News, Friday, Jan. 11, 1901, Pg. 1 Vol. III, No. 14 Elisha Scott Was born in Boone county, Indiana, July 20th, 1840, emigrated with his parents to Laclede county, Mo., in the fall of 1850, united to the Christian church in 1858 or 59, being baptized in the Dry Glaze, volunteered in the Union army in June 1861; was mustered out November 20th, 1865, at Benton Barracks, Mo. Was married March 24th, 1864, to Miss Mary H. Wood, and moved to Greenwood county, Kansas, in April, 1883. “The first vote I ever cast was for Abraham Lincoln for his second term for president.” The above was written by Mr. Scott some time prior to his death,and in anticipation of that event, as he had been in very poor health for several years past. In fact more than a year ago it was not thought possible that he could live but a very short time. Consumption was the dreaded disease with which he had to contend. He died January 6th, 1901. His wife survives him. No man in our town was held in higher esteem then was Elisha Scott. In his death the community loses a good citizen. I have photo's of the grave stone Holeman - Dec. 15, 1899 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Levi Morgan, Mrs. Dorcas Ann Holeman died. Dorcas Ann Taylor was born in Hopkins County, Kentucky, Dec. 18, 1820, henco lacked just three days of being 79 years of age. The greater part of her early life was spent in Union County, KY, while yet in Kentucky she married Thomas Holeman with whom she lived until his death the 12th of last September. With her husband she removed from Kentucky to Missouri in 1856 where they remained unil 1880 when they came to Kansas settling in this county near Fall River. They remained here until a few years ago they went to the Indian Territory. They returned to Fall River last September about a week before Mr. Holeman's death. She leaves eight children, five sons, and three daughters. The sons a re in the Indian Territory and Oklahoma; one daughter, Mrs. Roles is in Oregon, and two , Mrs. Elisha Scott and Mrs. Levi Morgan are here. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Masters, of the New Lig ht Church, of which denomination Mrs. Holeman was a member. She had pass ed her allotted "three score and ten" and was ready and willing to enter upon her eternal rest. Obituary taken from the Fall River, KS News 1899 Obituary Sept. 12 1890 at the home of Elisha Scott, in this city, Rev. Thomas Holeman died, in the 80th year of his age. Mr. Holeman lived in this community for many years until some 12 years ago he removed to Arkansas. He went from there to the Indian Territory, where he had lived since. He came back to Fall River a week before his death. He had been a minister of the gospel for about 60 years. He leaves an aged wife who was with him at the time of his death, and who is in quite poor health. Also a daughter here, Mrs. Levi Morgan; a step daughter, Mrs. E. Scott at whose home he died and several sons in the Indian Territory. The funeral sermon was prsented Wednesday by Elder Masters of Fredonia. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ from Find A Grave: Dorcas Ann Taylor Holeman Birth: Dec. 18, 1820 Hopkins County Kentucky, USA Death: Dec. 15, 1899 Fall River Greenwood County Kansas, USA Wife of Thomas Holeman Age 78yr. 1mo. 27da. Dorcas Ann Taylor was born in Hopkins County, Kentucky, Dec.18,1820, hence lacked three days of being 79 years of age. The greater part of her early life was spent in Union County, Kentucky, while yet in Kentucky she married Thomas Holeman with who she lived until his death the 12th of last September. With her husband she removed from Kentucky to Missouri in 1856 where she remained until 1880 when they came to Kansas settling in this county near Fall River. They remained here until a few years ago they went to the Indian Territory. They returned to Fall River last September about a week before Mr. Holeman's death. She leaves eight children, five sons, and three daughters. The sons are in the Indian Territory and Oklahoma; one daughter, Mrs. Roles is in Oregon, and two, Mrs. Elisha Scott and Mrs. Levi Morgan are here. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Masters, of the New Light Church, of which denomination Mrs. Holeman was a member. She has passed her allotted "three score and ten" and was ready willing to enter upon her eternal rest. Obituary taken from the Fall River, KS News 1899 Holeman-Dec 15th, 1899 Mrs. Dorcas Ann Holeman died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Levi Morgan. Dorcus was married to Strong Wood and they had a daughter, Mary Hannah Wood. Info provided by Bev Kendall Family links: Spouses: Thomas Holeman (1821 - 1899) Andrew Taylor (1820 - 1847)* Children: Mary Hannah Wood Scott (1843 - 1930)* Andrew Taylor (1846 - 1947)* Lydia Jane Holeman Morgan (1849 - 1917)* James Phillip Holeman (1850 - 1919)* John Squire Holeman (1853 - 1935)* *Calculated relationship Burial: Charleston Cemetery Fall River Greenwood County Kansas, USA Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?] Created by: Judy Record added: Jun 02, 2010 Find A Grave Memorial# 53170253

1115 - 3/8/2012 10:54:37 AM - - I am looking for thomas taylor b 1748 orange co va died 1810 blount co tn married elizabeth miller

1100 - 2/24/2012 12:23:12 PM - - I am researching information related to my great grandmother Grace Taylor born in Pennsylvania in 1890's. She advised us for many years tht she was 1/2 Black foot Indian. That is all that I know about her. Any information will help. Thanks.

1093 - 2/18/2012 10:17:48 AM - - My g g g grandfather is John Martin Taylor buried in Camp Verdi, Tx,his wife name was Nora Etta Bandy, they had like 10 child. John's dad was born in Cooks, County Illinois in 1822. Does this ring a bell with anyone. My gr grandfather was Henry Isaac LEE Taylor, my grandfather was Leslie Thomas Taylor, and my dad was Robert Lee Taylor.

1084 - 2/11/2012 6:11:41 PM - - I am interested in the post at the beginning of this website, someone had written that they had an old family bible with name and dates, mentioning John M.(martin) Taylor. Date of Death Dec. 15, 1917. This man is my Great Great grandfather. He was married to Nora Etta Bandy. I would like to find more info, on HIS father. So far, I have found that is father is simply Taylor, born 1822, in Cooks, County Illnios. I am trying to find the person that posted that comment about the family bible.

1077 - 1/10/2012 9:51:04 PM - - Added from #883 I have a new email was I know someone has to know this family.My Grgrgrgrandfather was John B/M ? Smith. In 1827 when he married Jane Shell in Hamilton Co. Illinois he was listed as JOHN M. SMITH But in the 1850 & 1860 he was listed as JOHN B. SMITH. His children were Sarah & Lewis twins, Nancy ,Layfette, Rufus M. & John Smith. I dont know if John M Smith changed his name or it was a mistake to begin with. But I found their marrige & his Brother was Samuel Smith who came with him to Illinois around 1825-27. Their father was Richard Smith. This family were either Native American or Jane Shell was Native American. Because Nancy Smith daughter of John B Smith in a photograph I have of her wearing an arrowhead necklace. She looks indian. My great uncle told me his grandmother was Cherokee. Anyway, Nancy married John W. Brown 1857 had a son 1860 Matthew Brown Hamilton Co. Illinois. They DIVORCED then she married my grgrgreat grandfather Alex/Eli Taylor. Have NEVER found them together or with children. My grgrandmother Mary BTaylor on her marriage lic written in says:NO MOTHER OR FATHER IN THIS STATE SAID BRO. MATTHEW BROWN & STEP FATHER JOHN W. BROWN GIVES PERMISSION TO MARRY. I cant find her living with stepfather or anyone!???!On the other hand DIVORCE papers say she was married to Alex Taylor & was secertly seeing ex John W. Brown . John W. Brown gave written statement to the event.But John Lane who had a daughter named Nancy Lane was also married around the time my Nancy Smith Brown would have married Alex Taylor. This John Lane gave my Nancy Smith Brown away to Alex as said Father!?!! I need help on this stwist of fate. I just think after 26 years on Nancy Smith Im about to find out what is what. I need help. I got all this info. From the court houses in Saline Co. & Hamilton CO. Illinois. HELP with my Taylors please!

1075 - 1/6/2012 11:08:40 AM - - I am related to Joseph Taylor b. abt. 1794 d. abt. 1873. Married Mary Crosen. They were from Augusta County VA. Joseph's father was George Taylor and mo. was Agnes Lunsford. All Taylor's where from the Augusta County area. Joseph had a brother named Larkin (born within same time period). Please contact me for more info, question, etc. I am looking for the correct George Taylor (there is confussion between the birth dates of Geo. Taylor 1770 and a George Height b. 1762......). Thanks, Robbie

1072 - 12/30/2011 5:35:43 PM - - Looking for any information about the following: I recently came across William Taylor's obit in the Irish Times and was shocked to learn that he died in Gonzales County Texas May of 1877 at the age of 45. I have no idea what he was doing there since his family was still in Ireland nor do I know the circumstances of his death or where he is buried. I am hoping some one can help me with this mystery. William Taylor Esq. (only son of Alfred Taylor Esq.) b. about 1832 Dublin Ireland m.October 1851 Dublin Ireland d. May 1877 Gonzales County Texas Wife Charlotte Bennett died in Ireland years later. Thank you for any help!

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