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12 - - - I have traced my Taylor family ancestry as far as 1792, when my great great great great grandfather, Malcolm Taylor, was born. Different accounts give his birthplace as either North Carolina, or possibly Scotland, with no identity as to who his parents were. His grandson, John Hugh Taylor served with the 13th Mississippi , Company B, Wayne Rifles, from my home county. All of the Taylor family, from Malcolm, to his children, to his grandchildren (Including John H.) are buried at Philadelphus Presbyterian Church, (established 1821). I am really seeking information about who Malcolm's parents were and any lineage from 1792 to any earlier generations. If you have any information, please email me! Thanks so much.

11 - - - My gr. gr. grandfather Pendleton Taylor came from North Carolina--where we do not know--He was born sometime during the year 1804. Do not know his parents names. Does this ring any bells?

10 - - - Have you run across a William Carroll Taylor b 1866 near Nashville Tn? I am having a devil of a time finding him. He came to Tx unk when and married Cora Olivia Collier in 1892 Sterling Co Tx. If you could help me with his line I would be extremely grateful. It seems I am tracing five lines of Taylors and NONE of them connect at the present :-) Thanks for any help you can give me.

9 - - - I have never known anyone on the Taylor side of my family. I have been searching for my father for some time. I thought I was close once, while I was serving in the Army in Germany.. but I was not. I am going to include some of the things I know, and maybe you can give me some insight. Fathers Name: Gary Eugene Taylor Born: 7-26-1950 His Father: Robert Henry Taylor His Father: William Taylor His Mother: Bessie Louise His Mother: Winifred Irene (Sackett) Her Father: Frank Sackett Her Mother: Bertha That is all I know but when I went over some of the things on your site, all these names came up ( on the Taylor side ), but I really dont know what I am doing. I thank you for your help.

8 - - - Sirs..I have a 32 ft. chart w/over 3000 persons and over 800 surnames..1600-2001..starts w/3 John Taylors, then 3 Josiahs, mass bay colony, then to upper n.y. state w/Joel, then John Roots T. to Mich.,Wisc..some wen t to nevada and calif..then Chas. Franklin, then Chas. Henry..then Lyal Wilbur to me..Lyal Chas. Taylor..working on the second chart now to update everyone...many related families..Ruosch, Trunkhill, Edwards, Tibbs, Nash Nigh, Ostrander, Homuth, Vail, Smith, Teubert, Hartin, Stark, Merrill, Littell, Feldt, Saeger, Berg, Sproles, Simmons Foote, Wayman to just name a few..write me if i can help..Al Taylor..Im at Zachary, La..near Baton Rouge.

7 - - - Looking for information on the Taylor family of Harford/Baltimore Co MD. John M. Taylor born 1810 in Maryland. Married a Mary ? ca 1831/32. John is dead by 1860. Mary was born 1810/1812 in Maryland and she died 24 May 1875 in Baltimore. Children: William H. born 9 Oct 1833 - married Josephine Norris 1853 Susan born 1836 John D. born 1838 Mary born 1842 Anna S. born 1849 William names a child John Mallory Taylor and the name John Mallory is handed down for several generations. Would love to find out the names of John M. Taylor's parents.

6 - - - I'm hoping that someone in the group may recognize some of these names / dates and can help me find some links to my Taylor family history. My great great grandfather was Hugh Taylor, of Western North Carolina. Hugh Taylor - b. 7/3/1860, in North Carolina - d. 6/1/1891 Married Mary Ellen Church on 1/6/1885. He and Mary Ellen Church had three daughters. The eldest was my gt. grandmother, Margaret L.Taylor, b.June 6, 1887 / d. 1-7-1970 m. Nov. 1907. Her other sisters were Mattie Alice Taylor and Jennie L. Taylor. Both sisters married Greenes also. According to the 1880 census, Hugh's parents were both born in NC. The 1880 Census, Elk, Wilkes, NC FHL film 1254987 or Nat Archives T9-0987 Pg 112 C stated: Charles Taylor male white age 52 married born in NC. Laurita " female " " 52 " " " Hugh A " male " " 20 single " " Rachael M " female " " 17 " " " Charles male " " 15 " " " Sarah female " " 13 " " " John male " " 10 " " " Martha female " " 8 " " " It appeared he was actually counted twice, as the Ashe County, North Carolina census (Pine Swamp) area also listed him under Arthur Cowles. We know he started working as a laborer for Arthur Cowles Merchantile at age 20, also. Because Hugh died at age 31, of pneumonia and yellow fever, his widow and three daughters went back to live with her parents, Joel and Rhoda Payne Church. I heard they lived somewhere near Yellow Hill. Hugh was buried at the Calloway Cemetary in Obids Community, Jefferson NC, on highway 163 (unmarked grave). No information was passed down to the grandchildren, etc... and I'm finding it very difficult to find out what happened to Hugh's parents and siblings. All we've found is this: Charles Lewis Taylor marriage to Edith F Cox Dec.31,1883 Wilkes Co. may be Hugh's brother... Charles was 21. Edith 20 ,J W Church was the officiating officer,witnesses being Nancy Cox, J F Miller,and J F Shepherd.J W Church was the officer that was from Summit, Job's Cabin area. Their son,.... Charles Cowles Taylor married Gladys Dula June 15, 1918. He was 20 and she 19. Marriage record list parents as Charles Lewis Taylor and Edith F Cox. Charles C. and Gladys were both from Elk Twp.,Wilkes Co., NC. I'm truly hoping that someone will be able to recognize some of these names and tell me something about my Taylor ancestors, etc and help my great aunt learn more about her grandfather while she's still living.... Please email me.

5 - - - I am a decendant of the Church / Taylors in N.W. North Carolina. I saw your notes on the Taylor Ancestory. Hugh Taylor was my gt. gt. grandfather. I've been trying so hard to learn who his parents were. You can add this information to your page if you like: Hugh Taylor - Born 7/3/1860, in North Carolina Died 6/1/1891 Married Mary Ellen Church on 1/6/1885. They lived in Ashe County, North Carolina. He was a laborer for Arthur Cowles Merchantile at age 20. According to the 1880 census, his parents were both born in NC. He died at age 31, of pneumonia and yellow fever, I've been told. He was buried at the Calloway Cemetary in Obids Community, Jefferson NC, on highway 163. I visited there last week. The cemetary lists only "unknown" at the site. The cedar tree he was buried beside was cut down in past years. His daughter showed her daughter where he was buried, etc. I'm trying to locate written info on this, but so far, no luck. His wife's parents were Joel Church and Rhoda Payne Church: Hugh and Mary Ellen Taylor had three girls. Margeret (my gt. grandmother), Mattie and Jennie. All three of these girls married Greene's.... and I have that family history too. I hope you might have information that will help us learn who Hugh Taylor's parents were, where they were from, if he had sibblings, etc. I was told he had two brothers, one named Jim. It would be so nice to be able to give this information to the surviving grandchildren (now in their seventies)! Looking forward to hearing from you!!

4 - - - I descend from Joseph Taylor (b ca 1802-1816?) of Rutherford County North Carolina. He married Rhoda Elliott, daughter of Samuel Elliott. I think the Taylor family from which he is derived lived in Tryon County which became Rutherford. Could this be your Taylors?

3 - - - Thanks for sharing your research. I was interested in the John M. Taylor born in 1854 NC. I am looking for my gggrandfather who fits that description. He married Susan Anabelle Kirkpatrick in MS. They are buried in Fannin Co. TX. Is the John M. Taylor in your family accounted for elsewhere?

2 - - - I have read with interest your website about the Taylor family and the connection to Rene` Chastain Hudnall and Sarah Best Taylor. My husband, Millard is the son of Millard R. Hudnall, Sr., who is the son of Pendleton Chastain Hudnall, who is the son of Millard Stewart Hudnall and Jenny Munday, who is the son of James I. Hudnall and Nancy Stewart. There has been some confusion as to 'which' James he is descended from, word and a few writings do list this great-great-grandfather with his wife, Nancy Stewart. He was always told by his grandfather, Pendleton, that his name and that of his brother, whose name is Stewart, that they were named for great-grandfathers. I do know that he is related to the James Hudnall who built the Hudnall Planetarium on the college campus in Tyler, Tx. If this fits in with any of your information I would like to exchange what little I have with your records if you are so willing.

1 - - - Do you know if this line connects to any of the one's at your site? Will share information if you want it. 1. WILLIAM1 TAYLOR was born Abt. 1770 in SC? - GA?, and died January 1830 in Butler Co. Ala. He married CATHERINE GRAY Abt. 1790 in Georgia, daughter of JAMES GRAY. She was born Abt. 1770, and died January 28, 1833 in Butler Co. Ala. Children of WILLIAM TAYLOR and CATHERINE GRAY are: i. JESSE ELIAS2 TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1793, Georgia; d. Bet. 1840 - 1850, Lowndes Co., Ala; m. MARY E. MARTINDALE; b. Abt. 1793; d. Union Parish, Louisiana. ii. ? TAYLOR, b. Bet. 1793 - 1812; d. 1812, Georgia, by Indians. iii. JAMES TAYLOR, b. February 05, 1795, Georgia; d. October 30, 1858, Union Parish, LA; m. MARY BREEDLOVE, January 06, 1816, Georgia; b. February 17, 1799; d. Bet. 1850 - 1860. iv. MARY POLLY TAYLOR, b. 1797, Georgia, maybe Bulloch or Bryan County; d. 1850, Union Parish, Louisiana; m. (1) WILLIAM FUTCH, 1817, Putnam Co., Georgia; b. Abt. 1797, North Carolina, Orangeburg District, or Barnwell County, South Carolina; d. 1826, Bulter Co., Ala ?; m. (2) JAMES MILLER, January 01, 1830, Garland, Alabama; b. Abt. 1797; d. 1843. v. JORDAN GORDON TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1798, Putnam Co., Georgia; d. January 1814, Georgia. vi. WILLIAM BULLOCK TAYLOR, b. January 28, 1800, Georgia; d. 1889, Louisiana; m. CYNTHIA BLACK, December 14, 1823, Georgia ?; b. March 22, 1807; d. June 23, 1852. vii. ELIJAH M. TAYLOR, b. 1802, Georgia; d. October 05, 1829, Goliad, Texas. viii. JOHN TAYLOR, b. March 12, 1804, Georgia; d. December 30, 1877, Taylor Cemetery, Union Parish, Louisiana; m. (1) JANE WOOD, August 23, 1827, Greenville, Ala; b. August 16, 1811; d. November 15, 1858, Union Parish, LA; m. (2) MARY JANE SAWYER, Bet. 1853 - 1860; b. 1821, South Carolina; m. (3) SALLY ?, Bet. 1860 - 1870; b. 1828, Louisiana. ix. ALEXANDER MARION TAYLOR, b. January 12, 1807, Putnam Co., Georgia; d. July 06, 1861, Taylor Cemetery, Union Parish, LA; m. WINNIFRED MATHEWS, September 29, 1829, Montgomery Ala; b. November 04, 1813, GA; d. March 03, 1873. x. SARAH ANN TAYLOR, b. 1811, Georgia; m. JOSIAH DEAN, 1826, Alabama; b. 1800, North Carolina. xi. PARMELIA TAYLOR, b. 1813, Georgia; d. 1859, Louisiana; m. CHARLES LARKIN GILBERT, 1827, Alabama; b. 1797, Duplin County, NC; d. 1855, Union Parish, LA. xii. ROBERT FRANCIS TAYLOR, b. 1816, Georgia; d. May 1866, Lowndes Co., Ala; m. MARY MATHEWS, January 22, 1838, Montgomery, Al; b. 1816. xiii. CATHERINE TAYLOR, b. 1820, Georgia; d. 1860, Farmerville, La; m. JOHN RABURN, Alabama; b. Abt. 1820.

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