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856 - 9/15/2009 2:51:18 AM - - I am descendant from a Thomas G Taylor who lived in Bumpus Mills, Tennessee. He is buried there in the Morgan Cemetery. According to his gravestone, he was born in 1854 and died in 1887. According to census records he was born in Tennessee, his father was born in North Carolina & his mother was born in Tennessee. He married two daughters of Andrew Jackson Bumpus, Nancy & Zepora. It seems reasonable to assume that he is a descendant of this line of Taylors, but I can't find anything on him prior to an 1872 marriage certificate. Any help would be appreciated.

855 - 9/12/2009 3:23:02 PM - - I am looking for a William Taylor who married Fannie Benton. They had two sons, Finis (born about 1882) and Clint Arthur ( born about 1884) either in Texas or Tennessee. Clint is my paternal grandfather, and I am stuck!. Fannie and William divorced and she remaried a Charles Clinton. William possibly remarried and moved to Michigan. I would appreciate any help.

854 - 9/3/2009 9:42:25 PM - - Searching for information on Eugene A Taylor born about 1926, married Beatrix June ??? born about 1927 in Ill. They were in Dallas Tx area in 1949. Eugene was a merchant marine. Any help on this genealogy would be appreciated.

853 - 8/30/2009 6:27:07 AM - - I am researching the following Captain John Taylor, of Orange County, North Carolina. I have the following information concerning him, but I have not been able to located his parents. The 1755 Tax List of Orange County lists Hugh, James and William Taylor paying taxes during that year. James Taylor had three taxables and one could be Captain John Taylor, but I have not been able to confirm a connection. Captain John Taylor had a daughter, Nancy Ann Taylor, by his first wife, Sarah Day. Nancy Ann Taylor married Captain William Lytle and moved to Tennessee. John Taylor had the following children by his second wife, Winifred Horton: Berthis Taylor, married Augustine Benton; Major John Taylor, married Tempe Allen Benton; Susan Taylor, married Robert Bingham; Elizabeth Taylor, married John Hunt; and Thomas Horton Taylor, married Frances Ann Lewis. John Taylor, at the age of sixteen years, in 1755, enlisted under Capt. Robert Spotswood in the Continental Army. (Capt. Spotswood was afterwards killed by Indians). John Taylor served in the Revolutionary War enlisting as an Ensign in the 1st NC Continental Line under Col. James Moore, Maj. Thomas Clark, Col. Frances Nash, and Adj. William Williams. John Taylor was promoted to Lieutenand and served in the 4th and 6th NC Regiments. He was an original member of the NC Society of the Cincinnati. 1800 Census, Hillsborough District, Orange County, North Carolina, p. 6: John Taylor, 11101/ 11102/19 1810 Census, Hillsborough District, Orange County, North Carolina, p. 39: John Taylor, Sr., 05623/102101/37 Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statement; Pension Application of John Taylor W18114, State of North Carolina, Orange County. On this the 10th January 1838 personally appeared before the undersigned an acting Justice of the peace in and for the County aforesaid at her own residence, she cannot conveniently (attend) Court at this Time, Susan Taylor, 57 years of age on the 29th day of December 1837 and daughter of one of the heirs at law of the late Winifred Taylor of the City of Millsboro in the aforesaid County (Deceased) who was the widow of the late Colonel John Taylor of the aforesaid County (Deceased). And this Declarant, the said Susan Taylor being first duly swarn according to law, doth, on her oath make the followingDeclaration to order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July the 4th 1836. This Declarant sets forth upon her oath that she is one of the Children and heirs at law of the late Winifred Taylor, deceased, of the Town of Hillsboro, who was Widow to the late Colonel John Taylor, of the County of Orange aforesaid, Deceased, who during the War of the Revolution served the United States as herein set forth. To Wit: 1st This Declarant, the Said Susan Taylor saith upon her said oath that, she has reason to believe and does believe, that her deceased father the aforeaid John Taylor, during the War of the Revolution did Served the United States as "Pay master" in the 8th Regiment of the Continental Line of this State. Six months, or thereabouts. That he was commission on the 24th fay of Ju7ly 177 and omitted in Junary folloowing, as per Certificate of William Hill, Secretary of State for the State of North Carolina, which Certificate is hereunto annexed and marked "A" 2nd This Declarant, the said Susan Taylor, States upon her Said oath, that she has reason to believe and does believe that her deceased father, the aforesaid John Taylor received the appointment as "Quarter Master" from General John Butler, on the sixth day of November 1778, and in that Capacity did serve the United States. In evidence of which the Certificate of the Secretary of State for the State of North Carolina, is hereunto annexed marked "B" and also the afffidavit marked "H" 3rd This Declarant the said Susan Taylor, further States unpon her Said oath, that she has reason to believe and does believe that her father, the aforesaid John Taylor, (dec'd) was duly cinnussuibed by General Butler aforesaid Commissary & Quarter, and her Deceased father did serve the United States in that Capacity that his Commission was dated the 11th day of March 1779. The proof of which is the Certificate of Secretary of State for the State of North Carolina, dated the 11th March 1779, and marked "C" hereto annexed, also the affidavits marked "H" & "I". 4th And the Declarant the said Susan Taylor, further states upon her said oath that she has reason to believe and does believe that her father, the aforesaid John Taylor, Deceased, was on the 15th day of March 1779, appointed "Brigade Quarter Master" and that in that Capacity Served the United States as per Certificate of the Secretary of the State for the State of North Carolina hereunto annexed & Marked, "D". Also the affidavit "H". 5th This Declarant the aforesaid Susan Taylor further states upon her oath that, she has reason to believe and does believe that her father the aforesaid John Taylor Deceased did Serve the United States during the War of the Revolutiobn as Lieutenant of Militia, in Captain Turner's Company, in 1779, that she has always understood that her Deceased father was in the battle of Stono as an officer, but is not positive what office, he at that time filled, but judging from the date of his Commissions, supposes it was as Lieutenant of Militia. In proof of which the Certificate of the Secretary of State for the State of North Carolina is hereunto annexed marked "E" and the afficavfit marked "K" also annexed, the affidavit "H". 6th This Declarant the said Susan Taylor, further states upon her oath that, her father theaforesaid John Taylor Deceased did in the next year, to wit, 1780, receive a Commission and Served as "Forage Master" in the United States Service from the date of his Commission (the 13th June, 1780) till the 19th of December following: As per afficavits acccompanying this Declaration, which are here

852 - 8/28/2009 9:05:31 PM - - I am looking for a possible name anyone may have?! Josiah Taylor, we've been told 1st cousin to Zachary Taylor of Orange County VA, 12th president of course. Ok, so, we've got it down that Josiah's father is brother to Richard, however we have that name listed as James Taylor, of which I am unable to confirm because from what I can tell (and I don't have all the info) no James Taylor directly relates to Richard (Zachary's Father).. My Grandmother and I would be so grateful for any information you could send our way... Just to give you a little back ground, we are related through Pitkin Taylor of DeWitt Co. Texas...awesome history...the "Sutton-Taylor" feud is out lineage! woo hoo!

851 - 8/23/2009 4:48:45 PM - - searching for the marriage of James Foster and Eliza Taylor.possible time 1775/1825.Amelia Co. or Prince Edward co.VA. Thanks for any help.

850 - 8/23/2009 9:45:24 AM - - I am a descendant of John Taylor who was born in Aug 1794.I am not sure if he was born in Montgomery Co.VA. He married Nancy Meyers(Myers) in 1827 in Botetourt Co. VA and lived in Montgomery Co. VA where his daughter/my gg grandmother Magdalene Taylor was born. Any information on John Taylor's parents would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much Hays Kiefner

849 - 8/21/2009 7:56:21 AM - - Hi i am a descendant OF Richard L Taylor and Sussannah Hosford, Would greatly appreciated any information, I come From Adah taylor and james bate hattaway I know she was a creek indian,

848 - 8/19/2009 2:02:29 PM - - Nancy Rosaline ("Rosa") Taylor was my great-grandmother. She was born in Georgia about 1835. I believe her parents were George Washington Taylor and Temperance Ann (Newsome). She married Peter Robeson Brown in July, 1858, Colorado Co., Texas. I sent for their wedding certificate. In the 1860 Census, they were listed in the household of George Washington and Temperance Ann Taylor as P. R.Brown and N. R. Brown, in Colorado Co., Texas. About 1861, Peter R. Brown enlisted in the Confederate Army. He was wounded and spent some time recuperating from his wounds. Their first son, my grandfather, A. F. Brown (Atlas Filmore Brown) was born at San Saba, Texas on 8-8-1868. According to KINFOLKS by Harlee, a second son was born about 1870-1873, named Leander Walter Brown, who was raised by his father's brother, Dr. John Walton Brown,at Pledger, Tx., after his mother died, I guess. Walter married Lola Huebner, his cousin, who was the daughter of Andrew Huebner and Luisa Ellen Taylor, a younger sister of Nancy Rosaline (Taylor) Brown. They had two children: Willadean and Woodlief Brown. Woodlief F. Brown passed away on December, 30, 2008, in Lubbock, Tx., He was an architect in Abilene, Tx. He was 100 years old! His funeral was in February, 2009. Willadean had died earlier. She had children. My father, Roy Lee Brown, was only two years old when his father died. Hwas the youngest of eight children. His older sister, Lillie Mae (Brown) White was ten years old when their father died, so she remembered more, and told me what I know. Some I have found in my research. After Nancy Rosaline Taylor Brown died, Peter R. Brown married Mrs. Martha Jones Johnson. They had a son, Benton Monroe Brown, born about 1885. The boys, Walter and Benton, were listed in the 1880 Texas Census were in the Calvin and Memoria CALFEE household, in Rockwall, Texas. She was a school teacher. Benton was stolen by the Indians, but was later recovered. He later married married Ella Mae McClendon Snider, a widow with two sons, who was a descendent of John Gideon Boiles, my other great-grandfather on my father's side.I would like to hear from other Taylor, Boiles, and Brown descendants.

847 - 8/19/2009 7:00:05 AM - - Looking for information on a Nancy Taylor born around 1795, give or take a few years. The information I have found on the internet says she came from North Carolina, possibly Wake County, went to Wilson County TN, married a John Afflack (or Affleck)Aug 27, 1806, shows up in ILL 1850 census (listed as age 55)Looking for names of her parents and when and where exactly she was born.

846 - 8/6/2009 10:53:32 AM - - James Taylor b.? 1835-1850 , Tenn. married Mary Ann Hickman, b. 1836 in North Carolina

845 - 7/29/2009 9:34:57 AM - - I am looking for Rosa Caroline Taylor born in MS May 15 1856. She married John Joseph William Bierman. They lived in Perry Co, AR. She could be sister to Ravillor Christine Taylor. I am willing to share info.

844 - 7/20/2009 1:37:50 PM - - My grandfather is Samuel Turner Taylor from Tuscumbia, AL. His father is Allen Haley Taylor, son of Parson John Taylor in Franklin County, Alabama. I am looking for pictures or any other information that is possible. I know that Allen served in the 4th Alabama Calvary during the Civil War under Jeffery Forrest. I would love to have all the information that I could on this line of the family. My grandfather Samuel was 61 years old when my father was born, so not much is known or many pictures to be found. My late uncle's has all those and will not let us have them. Please help in discovering who my grandfather was.

843 - 7/9/2009 3:25:11 PM - - My maternal great grandmother was Susan A Taylor, born abt 1847 in Morgan County, MO. She died 1935 in Tipton, Moniteau County, MO. Her husband was Alexander David Berkstresser. Susan's father was Elisha Taylor, born abt 1812 in Randolph County, NC. He was one of the earliest settlers in central MO (late 1830s). He served in the MO state Legislature. He died 1901 in Morgan County, MO. His wife was Leanna E Garner. Elisha's father was John Taylor, born abt 1790 in Granville County, NC. His wife was Nancy Burkhead. In addition to Elisha he had at least two other sons; Whitson Burkhead and Jerimiah M. His father was (possibly) Thomas Taylor, born about 1760 in NC. His wife is unk. It is rumored that his father may have been Richard Taylor 3rd. His DOB and wife are unk. I am attempting to verify and fill in the gaps, as well as trace the family further back. Any info would be most helpful.

842 - 7/4/2009 5:11:04 PM - - I am looking for any information pertaining to John Henry Taylor b. around 1855 in GA; married Wright (possibly Sarah Wright b. Oct 1854 in AL). If it is Sarah Wright then they had 6 children: Charles Andrew Taylor b. 28 Mar. 1872, Minnie D. Taylor b.1874 in GA (she would be my great grandmother - married David Edward Crossley (Sometimes spelled Crosley), Laura Bell Taylor b. 1876 in GA, Jesse W. Taylor b. July 8, 1878 in GA; he married unk. Pearl -she was born in Texas around Aug.1880, Joseph M.Taylor b. Jan 1888, Clyde L.Taylor b. May 1895 in AL Charles Andrew Taylor and Ida I Pairlee McDonald had the following children: Minnie Lee Taylor b.12 Jan. 1892 AL Andrew C. Oates Taylor b.29 Aug. 1894 AL Elzar Clarence Taylor b. 16 July 1897 Elmore County,AL Amos Palmer Taylor b. 20 July 1901 AL Vernon Zelma Taylor b. 24 Aug. 1906 Elmore County,AL Any help would be greatly appreciated since trying to track this information down is driving me nuts~~~!!!

841 - 7/1/2009 12:39:42 PM - - Looking for more info about Dempsey TAYLOR who left Emanuel Co., GA around 1823 for Dale Co., AL and was in AL thru the 1840 census. One of his dtrs was Liddia Josephine TAYLOR 1824-1893 who married Zechariah TINDELL 1821-1864 and lived their entire lives in the Dale/Geneva/Henry Co. AL area on lands near Cottonwood, AL. Three of Dempsey's dtrs married into the WATFORD clan which was for many decades closely associated with the TINDELLs from Darlington Dist., SC into Morgan Co., GA then by 1830 Dale Co., AL. Same time-frame as Dempsey TAYLOR. Any further information on the TAYLORs would be most appreciated.

840 - 6/28/2009 1:25:00 PM - - Hi my name is Abel Taylor My Mother's Name is Martha S. taylor My Father's Name is Gerald Taylor My mom was born in Detroit MI. I am looking for information on both of them I have no information on Gerald Taylor But my mother is part Cherokee any info would HELP! THanks

839 - 6/27/2009 3:56:29 AM - - Searching information on Dempsey Taylor who left Georgia for Dale County, Alabama, about 1823. Believed to have lived near the Florida state line. He had three known daughters; Sarah Jane Taylor, Mary Jane Taylor, and Ann Jane Taylor, all married Watfords.

837 - 6/21/2009 6:24:17 PM - - i would like any input on william robert taylor of new castle pa that was my father and my mothers name was tressie elizabeth hallmark of okl .i lived on willimgton ave then moved to ca with my mother as a baby. please e-mail me asap due to health

835 - 6/18/2009 7:27:22 AM - - I am searching for any information on Frederick Taylor from Edgecomb/Wilson County, North Carolina. He was a soldier in the 2nd Infantry Regiment State Troops of North Carolina in 1862. He had a sister, Emmaline Taylor, who is my great-grandmother and her son, Addison "Addie" Taylor was my grandfather. From all information known, Emmaline never married and had all of her children out of wedlock. My grandfather had two brothers that I know of, Adolfus (sp?) and Albert Taylor. My mother still has Frederick's musket that was issued to him for the Civil War. Not sure if Frederick ever married and/or had any children but any information would be very appreciated as the Taylor side of my family is sketchy at best. Thanks in advance!

834 - 6/15/2009 7:55:28 PM - - Looking for information on a Lucinda Taylor who married a John Cathcart in 1862 at Metropolis, Massac Co. Illinois. They may have had 2 children: Drew Addison Cathcart and Henry Cathcart. Would appreciate any help with this. Thank you

833 - 6/13/2009 1:25:44 PM - - I am trying to find the father of Isham Taylor he was born in North Carolina according to the 1880 census .Isham was born in 1817 in Georgia and moved to Alabama before 1837 Isham moved again to Madison Co.,Florida about 1845 any help would be appreciated John

832 - 5/28/2009 1:22:23 AM - - Would like to hear from someone with thes lines. JOHN M TAYLOR, Sr was the son of ??? . He was born on March 16 1816 in SC and died on July 5 1891 Parker CO TX. The dates and birthplace were taken off his tombstone in Authon TX Parker CO Authon Cemetery. I recently found that he was born in Nash CO NC. He married Mary "Polly" Copeland on Aug 18 1846 in Caldwell CO KY but Ancestry .com has Jan 20 1845 in Nash CO NC. She was born in Gainsville TN Wilson CO on March 28 1827. She was the daughter of W Thomas and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Mount) Copeland. They are both buried in the Authon Cemetery. I have not gotten past John Taylor for some reason. I have gone back further on Mary "Polly". I also have the children except for John M Jr and a few others: Children of John M and Mary "Polly" (Copeland) Taylor SR: Thomas R Taylor b 20 Feb 1848 Caldwell CO KY d 27 Apr 1933 b Authon TX Parker CO Authon Cem md Nancy Melinda "Nannie" Grable Sarah Elizabeth Taylor b 06 Apr 1849 Caldwell CO KY d 12 Jan 1882 Authon TX md William Scott Fondren Reece H Taylor b 05 Nov 1851 Authon TX d 17 Aug 1919 Authon TX md Mary Ellen Low George Washington Taylor b 09 Aug 1854 Authon TX d 19 Aug 1924 Perryton TX md Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" Marsh Nancy "Nannie" Jewel Taylor b July 9 1856 Authon TX d 1876 Grant's Pass OR md ???? Jewell Albert G Taylor b May 6 1858 Authon TX Parker CO d 1883 Authon TX md Levinia Maddox William "Willie" F Taylor b Apr 3 1860 Authon TX d 27 Jun 1947 Perryton TX md R J "Jose" Poor Mary Jane Taylor b Feb 12 1862 Authon TX d Aug 27 1951 Authon TX md John Turney Moore Alonzo Baron Cleaves Mariam Fannie Taylor*** b June 1 1863 Authon TX d Feb 7 1937 Authon TX md William C "Bill" Walters ***My line John M Taylor Jr b Mar 19 1866 Authon TX d 1938 Graham TX b Authon Cemetery md Susan "Maggie Mae" McIntosh Mary T. Pogue Telitha V "Tiny" Taylor b Jan 3 1868 Authon TX d 1937 Los Angeles CA ? md Jacob "Jake" M Grable Charles W Taylor b July 2 1870 Authon TX d Sept 2 1905 Authon TX md ???????? 1816 March 16 John M Taylor NC but was born SC (tombstone) 1827 March 28 Mary "Polly" Copeland was b Gainsville TN Wilson CO 1846 Aug 18 John and Mary married Calwell CO KY 1850 Caldwell CO KY 2-DIST Series: M432 Image: 282 Roll: 194 P 354 199 199 .Aug 13 Samuel W Weller TAYLOR JOHN 26 SC says NC on census record Polly 24 TN Thomas R 4 KY says F on census name Reece Sarah 2 KY 1850 Caldwell CO KY P 354 199 Thomas Copeland, Polly's dad, was above 1855 Dec 14---Pioneer Association of Parker CO Taylor's came to TX 1860 Parker CO Veal Station TX SeriesM653 Roll1302 P 438 281 281 TAYLOR J(ohn M) 44 M W SC farmer 300 1200 M (ary) 33 TN T (homas) 12 KY S (arah) 11 f KY R (eese) 9 KY G(eorge) 6 KY N (ancy) 5 TX A(lbert) 3 TX Wm (Willie) 1 TX 1870 Parker C TX ALL DISAPPEARED/ need to roll through 1879 July 24 Mary "Polly" Copeland Taylor died Authon TX Authon Cemetery # 23 19 on tombstone but she is in 1880 census reck census 1880 Parker CO TX 4-PCT SeriesT9 Roll 1323 P 428 227 238 June 14 Family History Library Film 1255323 TAYLOR JOHN (M) 64 M W SC farming 10 Mary 52 F W TN Albert 21 M W TX farming 10 William 20 M W TX works on farm John Jr 14 M W TX works on farm Telitha 12 F W TX at school Charles 10 M W TX 1891 July 5 John M Taylor died Authon TX Authon Cemetery Parker CO # 23 20 1900 - 1930 both dead

831 - 5/26/2009 8:02:45 PM - - Some Looker(Luker)-Martin, Looker-Taylor, Taylor-Tumlinson and other Taylor information is on my website. Username jamesrrobison. Taylor names include: Joseph & Elizabeth, Josiah & Hephzibeth, William Riley & Elizabeth, Hardina, Johanna, Creed, Pitkin Barnes, Rufus, James, Mary Jane, Delaney and more. All ended up in Texas, but came from several eastern and southern states.

830 - 5/26/2009 12:44:24 PM - - I am looking for my great-grandmother's father, Issac Harris. Her name is Mariah Harris Taylor, one of Joseph Taylor's wives (Mormon). Issac was born in Wales and married to Esther Ellen Bowering. in 1810, joined the Church and he and his son, William, came to America to scout things out. When the rest of the family met him in New Orleans, the wife and children came to Utah and I don't know what happened to Issac or William. Does anyone know? Thanks

829 - 5/17/2009 9:31:03 AM - - I need information on a Jacob Taylor in East Tennessee namely Carter County around 1800. I think that he had sons: William, Thomas, David and John. They are supposed to be from North Carolina. There was a family saying that the Taylors came from Sanford NC.

828 - 5/9/2009 9:00:42 PM - - I am looking for further information RE Col. Thomas TAYLOR, Rev. War soldier in NC, married to Eleanor/Elinor Dodson TAYLOR. Thomas TAYLOR is thought to have died before 1782, in Chatham Co., NC at the hands of Phillip Alston. Any information about this story will be welcome.

824 - 4/26/2009 10:07:09 AM - vl123@ - looking for information mary vaughn /molle married john i tayor 1800 john i taylor /mary taylor of mississippi was my great grand mother /father information on taylors of kemper county miss

823 - 4/23/2009 4:46:07 PM - - I'm looking for the parents of James Taylor, born in the 1730s in Virginia, husband of Elinor Smith. I've seen that his parents are George Edmund Taylor, b. 1709, and Lucy Crump. Is there proof of this?

818 - 4/21/2009 10:24:41 AM - - I am searching for the ancestors of David Taylor born 1798 in Lancaster SC. He was married first to Mary Craig then Mary Ann Mahailey. His Children were James Nathaniel, John McDonald, William Marion, Mary Elizabeth, David Alexander, Margaret, Nancy Serena, Mary Isabella. Any and all help would be appreciated.

817 - 4/18/2009 12:04:27 AM - - Seeking information on John Taylor b. 1752 Amherst/Albemarle Va. His son James is our gggggrandfather and we are trying to trace his ancestry. Direct descendants have gone from Va to Ky to Missouri to UK and Australia.

816 - 4/14/2009 7:57:05 AM - - Possible descendent of Thomas taylor born in Brunswick,Virginia Died in Edgecombe, North Carolina in 1774. Presumably he left a will naming his son Perigan (b. 1761 in North Carolina d. 1827 in Wilson, Tenn.) and wife Elizabeth. I can trace back to Perigan, but I'm not sure about Thomas. If anybody has any info that fits please contact me.

815 - 4/13/2009 3:00:46 AM - - I am looking for information on my Great Great Grandfther John Taylor. I have documentation and original photos that says he was a Parson in Alabama. The photo of his tombstone shows a date of birth Feb 20 1807 and death Feb 19 1885. His wife Mary M. is also on the same stone showing her date of birth July 27 1808 and death Jan 11 1868. The cemetery is near Frankfort, Alabama. There may be some confusion that this person is the same as John Henry Taylor as I have seen my Great Great Grandfathers picture associated with John Henry's information on Are there two John Taylors buried at the Tayloe cemetery? That would explain the confusion. John Henry's wife was Eliza and not Mary unless he was married more than once. The john Taylor in my family had a son named Evans Randolph Taylor which is my Great Grandfather. Evans Taylor had a daughter named Lucy Pairley Taylor which was my grandmother. I have in my possession the tin type picture of my John Taylor that I think is being associated with a different person. Any help would be much appreciated. Best regards

814 - 4/4/2009 12:05:16 PM - - Searching for Mary Taylor b. 1850 in IL. Her Father was born in IL and her mother was born in Ala. Mary married Frank S Harlan of Paducah, KY. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks

813 - 4/4/2009 7:01:14 AM - - Looking for any information on Vinson M. L. Taylor from Gibson Co., Tn Born abt 1821, married 3 times ~ Ellen Carlton, Sarah Frances Fielder, and Margaret Patterson. He owned quite a bit of land in Gibson Co. and at one time was a Sheriff

810 - 3/12/2009 6:57:41 PM - - Samuel Taylor b. about 1817 in Delaware m. Elizabeth? b. about 1822. They lived in Galena/Kennedyville Maryland. Their children were: Catherine b. 1845, William H. b. 1847, Samuel Hiles b. 1849. Here is where it gets sketchy. In the 1860 census, Samuel is now married to Rebecca b. about 1834. There is a Virginia b. 1851, a name I can't make out for sure but it could be Henry b. 1853, Ellen b. 1855, James S. b. 1857, John b. 1858, and Andrew J. b. 1859, and the three that were birthed by Elizabeth. I know that the elder Samuel was born in Delaware and had a brother named Frank. That is about all of the information that I have on the elder Taylor brothers. I think something must have happened in the family because Samuel Hiles never mentioned his father in 70 years worth of diaries. I know that the elder Samuel was still alive about 1900 because he was living with Andrew J. in Maryland (per the census). Any information that anyone could furnish would be greatly appreciated.

809 - 3/9/2009 5:16:07 AM - - Wanted info on: FRAZIER TAYLOR,SR (1769-1841). birth: 30th of May, 1769 in Taylorstown, Washington Co., Pennsylvania. Married: Rebecca Sprague. Children: James, Jesse, Benjamin Franklin, Caroline, Frazier, Mary, William, Rebecca, Margaret Elizabeth, John, Eleanor. He resided in: Washington Co, Ohio; Jefferson Co., Ohio; and Belmont Co, Ohio. died: Dec 1841 in Mead Twp, Belmont Co., Ohio.

808 - 3/2/2009 9:59:48 PM - - i am looking for any information abou tmy fathers side of the family. i only knwo my grandparents names which were George A. Taylor who married Lillie Alice Rose. i know they had at least 2 kids John W. Taylor and Nellie. any info on tha tpart of my family would be really appriciated

807 - 2/25/2009 11:45:32 PM - - I am the great great granddaughter of Christopher H. Taylor and his wife Eliza Henry Taylor of Norwich, Ct. Although they had four children only two lived to adulthood, one being my Great grandfather George Taylor who lived his adult life in the Quincy, IL. area.He had four Children, May Ella Taylor Wyatt, Edward R. Taylor, Evertte Taylor and my grandfather George Taylor. They were all born in the 1870's.I am wondering if there are any Cousins from the family around? Please write. Also I'm very interested in the Taylor ancestor's in the Ct. and Ri. area, especially the Samuel Taylor family of Stoneington, Ct. area. sandy

806 - 2/23/2009 4:27:38 PM - - I am looking for information on Oda Taylor. She is my great grandmother and I can not find any information on her family for our family tree. She was born December 25, 1899 in Henderson County Tennessee and married Louis Earl Pritchard in 1917. She had two children Lorice and Maddie Sue. They moved to Caruthersville MO sometime early in their marriage.

805 - 2/20/2009 1:08:18 PM - - I am descended from Cincinnatus Taylor, who was born about 1817 in South Carolina. By 1850 he was married with several children and living in Rabun County, Georgia. I am looking for information about his family background. I have never found any reference to him before 1850. I would be most grateful if anyone can supply me with any information.

802 - 2/16/2009 6:16:50 PM - - I am looking for more information on Thomas Taylor that married Elizabeth Miller. Thomas Taylor was born 1748 in Orange Co., VA which is on his tombstone in Tennessee. His death was Nov. 22, 1810. They traveled from Orange Co., VA. to Knox Co.,TN., Blount Co., TN. Their children are David, Isaac, Martha, Andrew, Isabell, Campbell, George Washington Taylor, Amanda, Baldwin Harle Taylor, Thomas Jefferson Taylor, Henderson Taylor.

801 - 2/9/2009 11:59:52 AM - - Mary TAYLOR, born Va. late 1700s/very early 1800s, moved to LOGAN CO. KY. married LILBORN WRIGHT in 1819 in Logan Co., Ky.; moved 1819 to COOPER CO., MO., returned to Logan Co. Ky before 1824. Had three children: Daughter (given name unknown; Susanna E., born 1824 in Logan Co. Ky. died 1865 in Saline Co. Ark., and Benjamin Franklin Wright born 1826 in Logan Co. Ky., died July 1869. Lilburn died 1835, in Ky. or Tn.; Mary Taylor Wright moved to SALINE CO.ARK., died on October 19, 1844, buried in Lee Cemetery, Saline Co. Ark.

800 - 2/4/2009 10:01:06 AM - - I am looking for relatives of Julia Arminta Taylor. She was born July 20, 1898 In Stone County MO. She married Thomas Wesley Craft on April 1, 1916. Her Children were Ulus Craft and Edith McGarr. She died January 14, 1984. They moved from Stone County in 1943 to Kuna,Idaho and then to Nampa,Idaho in 1953

799 - 2/2/2009 2:08:56 PM - - Searching for ancestors of JAMES W TAYLOR b abt 1760 SC, d abt 1840 Monroe Co. TN..married MARGARET M BURNS b 16 Sep 1771, d 20 Nov 1852, Monroe Co.Tn... married 1790........14 children one of which was SHADRICK TAYLOR, b abt 1795, d abt 1839, married ELIZABETH GRAY, B 8 Feb 1801, NC, d 15 Feb 1882....among three children was CLEVELAND BURNS TAYLOR, b 16 Mar 1836, d 7 Apr 1910, Monroe Co. TN, married MARY ADALINE BLANKENSHIP, b 18 Apr 1844, d 13 Oct 1904... SHADRICK TAYLOR was a Justice of the Peace when Bradley County TN was founded, by a vote of that court in 1836 Taylor's Place, owned by ANDREW TAYLOR, married JANE"JENNIE" BIGSBY,was named the county seat and the name changed to Cleveland to honor Col. CLEVELAND, a hero of the Battle of Kings Mountain in the Revolutionary War...(note that CLEVELAND BURNS TAYLOR was born in Bradley County the same year Taylor's Place was renamed Cleveland) Am certainly interested in ancestors of JAMES W TAYLOR and wife but also keenly desire info on children of CLEVELAND BURNS TAYLOR and any connection between this family and that of ANDREW TAYLOR and JENNIE BIGSBY TAYLOR... I appreciate any help and will gladly share information with you. Thank You, John Taylor

794 - 2/1/2009 2:33:14 PM - - Am looking for information that would confirm or expand on the following data. James Madison Taylor b: 2/22/1830 Phil. d: 11/15/1900 m: Mary Esther Johnson b: 1832 Both are buried in Chicago Children: Charles W. Taylor and Sallie M. Taylor James Madison Taylor's fa: Jeremiah Taylor b: 11/10/1797 d: 9/23/1870 married: Margaret Vickers b 1807 d 1889 1872 St. Peters Epis. Church in Phil. Her parents were Thomas Vickers and Caroline Klaussen (German-Hessein) her fa: was Jacob Klaussen Thomas Vickers was a 'Master Workman'(contractor) in Phil. and built piers in Phil. Jeremiah Taylor and Margaret Vickers are buried in Radner , PA Jeremiah Taylor's fa: Benjamin Taylor b: 2/25/1768 married Sarah (?) 1/16/1794 Please email with any details. Thanks.

793 - 1/27/2009 12:34:35 PM - - i am looking for Pennsylvania taylors. i am a descendent of nathan and elizabeth from bald eagle in centre co. i'm trying to find his siblings and parents and any other ancestors. maybe i have info that will help someone else out there. bob banks

791 - 1/6/2009 8:19:33 AM - - I am trying to locate John Henry Taylor Born August 25,1808 North Carolina,We are trying to figure out who his parents are..All we know about him is He was a State Represenative in 1866-1872 He married Elize E Curtis They had 9 children, Caroline Elizabeth,Pateince,Charles Alexander,Mary M, Andrew Jackson, Eliza Jane,Francis Marion,William Carroll. Most of there Children were born in Tenneessee and Winston County Alabama. We believed they migrated between 1830-1834 were they resided to live and raise family. John Henry died in 1880 and is buried in the Taylor Family cemetery which the name has changed to William Carroll Taylor Cemetery the story about the name change is really interested, John Henry had a son named William Carroll and when the cemetery was built his son layed the stones there for his parents, Those stones are there still today..All of us Taylor Kin Folk are stuck in finding out who his parents are.. We are also Stuck in findin out Eliza E Cagle's Parents as well, She was born around 1806 or 1807 in North Carolina She is buried Right beside her husband she died between 1880-1885, We would love for anyone that has information on this Taylor family to help us solve this long generation of searching for this family history, we have everything current on his children adn there children. Thanks

790 - 12/29/2008 6:42:31 PM - - Nancy Ann Taylor was born 2/25/1806 and died 9/8/1875. She married Gray Briggs Barker and had a son Gray Briggs Barker Jr. born Aug 12, 1797.

789 - 12/29/2008 6:20:34 AM - - I'm looking for information on a Rebecca Taylor. No info on her birth place or date but she must have been born in late 1700's. She married Ezekial Scoggin and had a daughter born in 1812 in North Carolina named Stacy Willamson Scoggin. Any info would be greatly appreciated. She would be my great x5 grandmother.

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