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311 - 12/2/2007 5:32:39 PM - - I am living in the southern part of Norway. (Near Kristiansand)For a long time I have tried to find family in USA. I don't know if you can help me, but I have found an interesting family living in Mesilla 1930. (census 1930) They came from Cook county Illinoi, and they were : Julia Taylor born 1887 in Illinoi Lillian Taylor born 1914 in Illinoi Edward Taylor born 1918 in Illinoi Julia A Taylor born 1923 in Illinoi Anna Heede born 1849 in Norway I have searched all the databases I can find, but no result. I have also contacted Mesilla town but no result. If it is possible -could you give me tip of were I should search?

307 - 11/29/2007 1:16:53 PM - - I'm searching for information regarding Edmond/Edmund Taylor who lived in Abbeyleix (Queen's County) Ireland. He was born in 1857 and died in 1944. He was married to Annie Kerr. . Thanks, Dan

298 - 11/21/2007 12:39:01 AM - - I am looking for a US army named Leroy, James, Jimmy Taylor(probably deceased by now) The only information I know is that he was a US army who was assigned in the Philippines in the year probably 1946 or 1947. His mother's named was Francis Weston Taylor. Any information you can give me is highly appreciated. Thank you very much:-)

296 - 11/19/2007 10:39:25 AM - - I search the Taylor's family of London,Westminster. Parish of St Martin in the Fields. I'm professor of history and I preparing and historical work about two brothers "Taylor". Edward W Taylor(1801-1868)architect and surveyor, he studied with Sir John Soane in the Royal Academy of London, in 1825 he immigrated to Argentina, Buenos Aires and he built several buildings for the State and private and three churches.About Edward W Taylor,I am the information. About his oldest brother, is very difficult, because Thomas Fish Taylor(1798-1863)was born in London, he studied with Sir John Soane too, unmarried, Wesleyan methodist, his life is a big "voyage in the space and time". I found information about him, in Guidhall Gallery, an illustration of the Viaduct of Holborn, the drawings of the St Luke in Heywood, Greater Manchester, and then an beatiful bulding in Faulkner 41-43, Manchester, today an horrible restaurant in Chinatown !! Then I found him in Mathlock bath, in 1848-1851, with his siter Elizabeth(1806-?)unmarried Elizabeth too. This Taylor family lived in Salisbury Street, strand N5 and 7. The parents of my 4th grandfather were Mary Tuck and Robert Taylor (1868-1843) of this union there were six childrens: Thomas Fish Taylor (1798-1863)died in Asylum Lunatic of Stafforshire, 14 months of paralisis. Mary Ann Taylor (1799-?) Edward W Taylor (1801-1868)died in Buenos Aires Robert Taylor (1802-?) Elizabeth Taylor (1806-?) Alice Rose Taylor (1809-?) This is a big problem for me, I live in Strasbourg, France since 20 years ago, I was born in Buenos Aires, and The Taylor family is very complicate because there are the millons. Please if you are some information, help me Many thanks Veronica

293 - 11/12/2007 8:45:20 AM - - ALL- I am seeking information on Johnny Taylor. ( probably deceased by now) The only information I know: He lived in the Hattiesburg, MS area. He had a brother- Harold, who was in business as "TAYLOR TV /RADIO". Any information will be very much appreciated. His children? Grandchildren? Thanks very much! KY area

291 - 11/11/2007 3:10:52 PM - - I am searching for the Virginia ancestors of my gggggrandfather, John Taylor. I have this information: Birth: 25 Jul 1795 in Essex Co, VA Death: 2 Jan 1882 in White River Township, Johnson County, Indiana Burial: 3 Jan 1882 Johnson Co, IN MARC: 1821 Fincastle, VA Occupation: owner/operator grist mill Johnson Co, IN Childhood: John [2] Taylor was born in Essex Co, VA and grew up in Alleghany Co, VA. John's parents died before their children reached maturity. Occupation: Before his marriage, John learned the carpenter's trade Marriage 1: In 1821, in Fincastle, Virginia, to Sarah [Sally] Brunnemer b. 1805, Allegheny Co, VA Children: 1. Albert Kisling Taylor b. 14 May 1822, VA 2. James Oliver Taylor, b. 27 Aug 1828, VA; d. 3 Sept 1845, age 17 3. John Wesley Taylor b. 13 Nov 1832, IN; Methodist Minister [Union Village] 4. Sarah Jane Taylor b. 22 Nov 1835, IN; m. Throckmorton; d. 6 Aug, 1909 5. Henry Bascom Taylor b. 23 May 1839, IN; d. 6 April 1909; ancestor, this line 6. Martha Melvina Taylor b. 3 Feb 1843, IN; d. 30 Mar 1843, an infant 7. William Leroy Taylor b. 20 May 1844, IN; d. 5 Mar 1863 at the Battle of Thompsons Station Military: John [2] Taylor served two terms in the war of 1812. He fought alongside his second cousin, Zachary Taylor. He stood guard over President Madison, as the capitol burned in Washington. His father, John [1] Taylor, served in the Revolutionary War. (from John's own testimony) Migration: From Virginia to Indiana. In the autumn of 1829, John [2] Taylor and Sarah Brunnemer Taylor arrived in Johnson Co, IN, with their two eldest children and Sarah's parents, John and Christine Kisling Brunnemer. 1880 census: John Taylor [2] is a widower living with his son, Henry B. Taylor, and Henry's family in Johnson Co, IN. John died two years later, age 87. Two newspaper obituaries for John [2] Taylor follow: OBIT #1: John [2] Taylor was reared in Virginia and learned the carpenter's trade there. Prior to his marriage he served in the War of 1812, marrying after its close. In 1828, after the birth of two of his children, he moved to Indiana, and entered 160 acres of land in White River township, Johnson County, and in addition, bought a small tract containing a cabin, in order to get a shelter for his family as soon as possible. In spite of malaria and drought, those enemies of the early Indiana settler, Mr. Taylor remained upon his farm, cleared and improved it, and was granted a long life of eighty-seven years, his death occurring Jan. 2, 1882. He had witnessed the development of the country and, while enduring the necessary hardships, had done his part toward improving agricultural conditions. At that time much of the land was swampy, and its draining was a very serious problem at that early date. He was obliged to haul his grain to Lawrenceburg and Madison, receiving then but fifty cents a bushel and paying $3 per barrel for salt, with other necessities in proportion. Mr. Taylor was a reliable, sensible farmer and a self-made man. Not having had any educational advantages, he learned by practical experience; and often, in later years, excited wonder by the facility with which he could calculate without the aid of pencil, so necessary to many school-bred men. Prior to coming to Indiana he set his face against intemperance, and refused to allow spirits of any kind to be brought into his home, although it was the general custom to imbibe very freely. After he settled in Indiana he was forced to meet with some opposition on the liquor question, for, while he was always ready to assist his neighbors in rolling logs and building cabins and served them faithfully in every neighborly way, he would never accept whiskey or tempt others with it. The time came when those who opposed his resolution the most respected him all the more, and as the years passed the custom of carousal at these neighborly gatherings about died out. Few men in the neighborhood could be more confidently called upon in family bereavements or trouble for his work never pressed him too hard, or his own affairs needed him too much, to prevent his going miles to help one in trouble, to care for the sick, or to assist in the burying of the dead. He was one of the men whose memory should ever be kept green in Johnson County. Mr. Taylor was a pillar in the Methodist Church, was a fluent talker and was a favorite class leader. He contributed as a Christian duty to its support, and he filled all the offices but pastor. Originally he was a Democrat in politics, but left the party on account of its attitude in regard to slavery. [Democrats were pro-slavery; Republicans opposed slavery.] OBIT #2: Died Jan 3, 1882, at his residence in White River Township, Johnson County, Ind., John Taylor, Sr., in his 87th year. By request we shall endeavor to present a brief tribute to the memory of father Taylor, and at the same time admitting our inability to give the subject that justice it so well merits, and would very readily and cheerfully leave the task to an abler pen. More than a quarter of a century ago, it was our pleasure to form the acquaintance of father Taylor, and in giving a synopsis of his life's history, we are in possession of the following facts: Father Taylor was born in Essex County, Va, July 25th, 1795. He was a pensioner of the war of 1812; was present at the time of the occupation and burning of Washington by the British under General Ross, and was also deputed as a body guard to President Madison during that critical period in our country's history. In 1821 he was united in marriage to Miss Sarah Brunnemer. Two children were born of this marriage before leaving the Old Dominion, Albert K. Taylor being the eldest, who, by the way, is well and favorably known to the people of Morgan and Johnson Counties, and at present occupying an honorable position as a member of the present board of county commissioners of this county. The second, also a son, died in early life. Father Taylor came to Johnson county in the autumn of 1829. William Dunn, another one of the early pioneers of Johnson County, having preceded him but a short time, very cordially tendered him the hospitality of his cabin during the first winter, which contains but one room 16 x 18 feet, in which the two families passed the winter happily together. In the spring following Father Taylor purchased the tract of land upon which he ever after continued to live until his death. In due time five other children were given unto them, three sons and two daughters, of whom three, Rev. J. W. Taylor, Henry Taylor, and Mrs. Martha Throckmorton, are living. A daughter died many years ago while in infancy. Leroy Taylor, a younger son, while in the service of his country during the late war, was killed at Springhill, Tenn. Aunt Sallie [Brunnemer] Taylor preceded Father Taylor to the grave some years since, she having died in 1864. And now as a sequence to the foregoing we desire to speak of Father Taylor individually as a man. It is said the crown and glory of life is character. It is the noblest possession of man, constituting a rank in itself, and all estate in the general good will dignifying every station and exciting every position in society. It exercises a greater power than wealth, and secures all the honors without the jealousies of fame. It carries with it an influence which always tells, for it is the result of proved honor, rectitude and consistency, qualities which, perhaps, more than any other, command the general confidence and respect of mankind. Father Taylor possessed all the attributes of a noble character to an eminent degree. He was, in a word, a model man in all the relations of life, transmitting to posterity that rich legacy so worthy of emulation by all; and how appropriate the language of the text. "Thou shalt come to thy grave in full age, like as a shock of corn cometh in its season." He united with the M.E. Church in his youthful days and it could be truly said of him that he was a veteran in the service of the Master, having given sixty-five years of his noble life to the cause of Christianity in exhorting the ungodly to forsake his ways and accept the terms of offered neurey(sic). "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord; they rest from their labors and their works do follow them." But he is gone, and we shall see him no more. While we sympathize with the relatives and friends in their great loss, we indulge the hope that our loss is his eternal gain. He was accompanied to his final repose in Shiloh cemetery by a large throng of mourning relatives and friends. The funeral discourse was delivered by Rev. C. W. Woods, from Job, 5th chapter and 28th verse. At the close of a long and eventful life, how triumphantly such an one can exclaim, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith; henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness." To his memory which will be ever sacredly cherished in the heart of one who has known him for more than twenty-five years, is this tribute respectfully inscribed. Sources: LDS ancestral file AFN: 1WX8-7RT: marriage to Sarah [Sallie] Bronemer [sic; correct sp: Brunemer] 1880 census, White River Twp; Johnson Co, Indiana; age 84; birth year 1796; father born England [Note: this is incorrect - his ancestors came from England, but abundant documentation reveals that John [2] Taylor's family had been in America for many generations; at age 86, when this census was taken, he must have thought he was answering the question, "Where did your ancestors come from?"]; mother born Virginia. Source: Family History Library Film 1254288 NA Film Number T9-0288 Page Number 46B Occupation: Carpenter/farmer Census: 1880 Living with son Henry B. Taylor in Johnson County, Indiana A TRIBUTE TO JOHN AND SALLY TAYLOR Author: Viola Grace Taylor Dolen [granddaughter of John and Sally Taylor; daughter of Henry B. Taylor] Of these, our ancestors, not too much is known, only that handed down thru generations; but, that they both came from the first settlers of Virginia, is known from many sources. The Taylors were neighbors of the George Washingtons, and a George Taylor was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. John Taylor's father fought in the Revolutionary War. He never knew his [father's] exact age, as his immediate family was scattered by the father's death. But John, sturdy and tall, fought, while just a youth, in Indian Wars, and also in the War of 1812. From these, he bore lifetime scars. He often told of standing guard with his second cousin, Zachary Taylor, over the president [James Madison] when the White House burned. Sallie Kissling Brunnemer became the wife of John [2] Taylor. They lived in Virginia the first years of their wedded life, where three of their six children were born, Albert Kissling, John Wesley, and Sarah Jane. They then moved, by covered wagon, to Indiana to make a new home. Their first place of consideration was the small town of Indianapolis. The wagons were stopped near the present site of the Union Station, but they were told that because of the nearness to White River "fever and ague" were very bad, the place was being shunned. So they drove 25 miles south, and located 3 miles east of White River, near Waverly. As winter was upon them, they lived in a one room cabin with the Dunn family, until spring. Then they located on the farm, on part of which Horace Thockmorton now lives. Here in the early thirties, mighty trees and thickets had to be removed to make the clearings; strenuous work, cutting and burning the trees, men congregated from miles to assist one another. The women set the tables of food, wild turkey for meat, cornpone for bread, wild berries gathered and dried, all cooked by an open fire place, or at the outdoor chip yard. The customary jug of whiskey, thought by many to be absolutely necessary, was never present at Uncle Johnny's. Dearly loved "Uncle Hen" was called to service in the Civil War, wounded and hospitalized in a rebel hospital. He spent 7 months on a straw pallet on the floor, His father in divine love seeing him thru, and giving him strength for the long journey from Prairie Grove, Arkansas to Indiana; an almost impossible one at that time, to live a long and useful life. All this would not be complete without mentioning four others who were truly members of the Taylors'. "Uncle Joe Throckmorton"; "Aunt Mary Ann"; "Aunt Joan"; and "Aunt Mary". All cherished in our memories, all loved and honored. Many interesting stories could be told of those lives, but must be skipped here. But the spirit of true love and humility fostered by the lives of John and Sally Taylor still bear fruit. "Tis only noble to be good" can well be considered the motto of their lives, the story of which runs thru my mind like the reading of a good book full of uplift and courage. REF [T9] Source: List of children comes from their family bible. US Federal Census 1880, John [2] Taylor's father recorded born in England. This is incorrect. His family originally came from England, but written family memoirs reveal that John [1] Taylor's father was born in Virginia. Many facts support this specific Taylor family's having been here for several generations. One possibility for the census error is that John [2] Taylor - age 85 in 1880 - responded to a question that he understood to be, "Where did your ancestors come from?" and thus responded, "England." Source: Over the years, John's granddaughter, Viola Grace Taylor Dolen [daughter of Henry Bascom Taylor], recorded the memoirs of her grandfather, John [2] Taylor: His father had fought in the Revolutionary War. He did not recall the exact birth date of his father, John [1] Taylor. His siblings were scattered among family members when their father died. John [2] often told Grace and other family members about standing guard over White House with his second cousin, Zachary Taylor [who would later become the 12th President] while the White House burned. John's and Zachary's grandmother, Alice Chew Taylor, was a first cousin of James Madison [then president]. Alice was a skilled seamstress who created clothing for James Madison when he was elected to the legislature. Sources: 1. Marriage to Sarah [Sally] Brunnemer is recorded in the county records at Fincastle, VA. 2. "Early Marriages, Wills, and Some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt Co, VA" by Annie Lowry Worell, says John and Sarah were married in 1821 by Rev. Elisha Knox in Alleghany Co, VA near Fincastle, VA. 3. Same record: John's wife, Sarah, was the daughter of John Brunnemer and Christina Kiesling [Kisling]. 4. Written memoirs of John [2] Taylor, recorded by his granddaughter, Viola Grace Taylor, during the years he lived with the family of his son, Henry Bascom Taylor [Grace's father] after he was widowed.

284 - 10/12/2007 11:31:55 AM - - I am looking for information on Nathan and Emma (Goodwin?)Taylor residing in York Me in 1887 and had 2 sons, Howard (b. 1887) and John Maurice Taylor. Nathan and Emma are not listed in any census or town record. I only have info from Howard Taylors marriage certificate in 1911.

276 - 9/21/2007 7:15:33 AM - - African American descendants of Calvin and Georgia Taylor, Winchester TN; Calvin (1892 - 1962); Georgia (1893-1972); Calvin's - siblings (Julie, Manch, George, Calvin)Georgia - No Siblings;

275 - 9/17/2007 7:42:00 PM - - I am researching Eliza Taylor(Black) b circa 1848-52VA, who later migrated to LA and AR, and died as Eliza J. Jenkins...she had two daus, Fannie and Maranda, and maybe a son..other family names are Cora and Theoplis Jenkins in AR, around Drew and Desha Counties...appreciate any input.

274 - 9/10/2007 5:09:37 PM - - I am looking for information on the TAYLOR family from MD/DE. Samuel Taylor was born about 1818 in Delaware and was married to Elizabeth ??. They had at least 3 children by 1850. She died sometime before 1860 and Samuel married Rebecca ??. I know that Samuel Hiles Taylor (my great grandfather and son of Samuel and Elizabeth Taylor) Lived around the Galena/Kennedyville area of Maryland until about 1880. I have lost track of the senior Samuel Taylor. Diaries tell us that the senior Taylor is buried at "the church at Galena". I can't seem to find him, though. Any help would be appreciated. Another mystery is where the name Hiles originated in this family. It has been handed down for generations, but I can't find the connection.

273 - 8/13/2007 11:01:51 AM - - I am looking for information on a George Taylor I believe he was born in St. Louis,MO and died in Hominy, Oklahoma early 1970. He married Sarha Elizbeth Morgan and had 13 children.

272 - 7/30/2007 11:17:14 AM - - Looking for information on DARCUS/DORCAS ANN TAYLOR, b. 18 Dec 1821 in Hopkins Co., KY; d. 15 Dec 1899 in Severy, Greenwood Co., Kansas. She married THOMAS W. HOLEMAN on 22 Jun 1848 in Union Co., KY. Thomas was b. 04 Jul 1826 in Union Co., Kentucky; d. 12 Sep 1899 in Severy, Greenwood Co., Kansas. I have been told that Darcus' father's name was JOSHUA TAYLOR b. in NC; her mother was born in MD. according to census records. I know nothing more about Joshua, nor do I know anything about her maternal line. I'm hoping someone out there has some connections.

271 - 7/27/2007 9:44:48 PM - - I am trying to find information on Charles Taylor line of Lubbock, Texas or possibly Ralls, Texas area. Starting with Charles, he may have been in the Army during WWII. He was in Lubbock, Texas in January or February, of 1941. I am told that he died, possibly during the war. He may have had a sister by the name of Dorothy and possibly a brother. Dorothy had a daughter, born about 1940-41. Her name may also have been Jean, she would be my cousin. Jean (if correct) and I last saw each other in Lubbock. It would have been about 1946-47. We vowed we would always stay connected, however, as young children we had no idea how to accomplish that. I have been looking for years. If you know anything that would help, I would like to reconnect with my cousin to connect all the dots on my side.

270 - 7/26/2007 7:41:13 PM - - I am searching for information on Samuel Taylor b. about 1818 in DE. It is possible that his first or middle name is George. Married to Elizabeth ?? b. about 1822. That is all of the information I have on her. They lived in Kent County, Maryland most of his adult life. Their children were: Catherine, William H., Samuel Hiles (my great grandfather) and possibly Virginia. The elder Samuel was widowed after 1850 and was re-married to Rebecca ?? before 1860. Other children were: Ellen, James S., John, Aaron, Andrew J., Mary, Emily J., Charles M., Annie V and Alice. I am sure that the middle name Hiles has some significance, because it has been handed down for 5 generations. I have no clue what significance, though. Any information on the lineage would be greatly appreciated.

267 - 7/6/2007 - - I am looking for information on Taylors in Ohio - interested in Logan or Hardin County. I am looking for info on Ida May Taylor b.8/19/1875 in Logan Co. She was married twice that I know of - First to Joseph Hoyt b.9/3/1869 and d. 10/25/1914 and on the death Cert - says he was divorced. This was my gr grandfather I believe.Two children to this union: Oather Hoyt b.1893 and Faye(do not have dates).From my grandad's album I have picture of Ida, Faye and Oather along with Joe Hoyt. Another picture is of Ida and her second husband ? Sloan.Other Taylor names mentioned in his album: Daniel and Lida Taylor along with the children's names. Elmer Taylor and Fern Van Horn. Taylor sisters: Margaret, Liz, Ida and Grace. Will Taylor and George Taylor.I am sure there is a connection between all these people and I would like to connect Hoyt and Taylor information. I would gladly share some scanned photos I have if you recognize any of these names.Thanks

266 - 7/3/2007 - - Darcus/Dorcas Ann Taylor, b. 18 Dec 1821 in Hopkins Co., KY; d. 15 Dec 1899 in Severy, Greenwood Co., Kansas. She married Thomas W. Holeman on 22 Jun 1848 in Union Co., KY. Thomas was b. 04 Jul 1826 in Union Co., Kentucky; d. 12 Sep 1899 in Severy, Greenwood Co., Kansas. I have been told that Darcus' father's name was Joshua Taylor b. in NC; her mother was born in MD. according to census records. I know nothing more about Joshua, nor do I know anything about her maternal line. I'm hoping someone out there has some connections. Any help would be appreciated.

265 - 7/1/2007 - - Looking for information on Darcus/Dorcas Ann Taylor, b. 18 Dec 1821 in Hopkins Co., KY; d. 15 Dec 1899 in Severy, Greenwood Co., Kansas. She married Thomas W. Holeman on 22 Jun 1848 in Union Co., KY. Thomas was b. 04 Jul 1826 in Union Co., Kentucky; d. 12 Sep 1899 in Severy, Greenwood Co., Kansas. I have been told that Darcus' father's name was Joshua Taylor b. in NC; her mother was born in MD. according to census records. I know nothing more about Joshua, nor do I know anything about her maternal line. I'm hoping someone out there has some connections. Thanks in advance!

264 - 6/28/2007 - - My ancestor, Theophilus (Theoffulus) Taylor, was born circa 1759 in Virginia. He was a Rev. War Soldier. He moved to North Carolina, then South Carolina, and finally to the Franklin County/Habersham County area of Georgia, where he received land in the lottery for Rev. soldiers. Does anyone have any information about him or his ancestors? Thanks.

263 - 6/21/2007 - JLEADFOOT088@WMCONNECT.COM - I am looking for any information on John Henry Taylor Born Feburary 20,1808 north carolina died feburary 18, 1886 Winston county wife was Eliza e Cagle born 1806 north carolina Died Winston county 1885 i am looking for information on John Henry Taylors Parents and brothers and sisters and i am looking for information on Eliza E Cagles Parents and Sister and Brothers. Anyone with information i would realy appreciate it you can email me

262 - 6/21/2007 - - Searching for George Washington Taylor, single and in Hunt Co., TX in 1900. He married Mary Ella that year.They had several children. In 1920 his "sister-in-law" Julia Elvira Lafitte was living with the family. She was divorced, 17 years of age.By 1930, Mary was remarried to a Stratton and George was married to Julia Elvira. They also had several children and lived in Hunt and Henderson Counties, Texas. Not sure if Lafitte is Julia's maiden or married name. She was born about 1903. Thank you for any help with this family.

261 - 6/21/2007 - - i have my line of taylor starting with edward taylor and his son bulter stonestreet taylor sr. if this is your line,i will be glade to help of nc

260 - 6/21/2007 - - We are looking for any information on Thomas Taylor born in Rockport, Maine. He married Sarah Davis of Laconia, NH. They had a son, Augustus T. Taylor born Laconia NH 1812.

259 - 6/21/2007 - - TAYLOR AND VANSANT Anyone have any information on a Zachariah Taylor married to a Mary VanSant? He was born around 1800 (maybe Charleston) and died in 1831. She was born around 1800 (Georgia?) and died around 1830.

258 - - - Looking for my gggGrndmother Elizabeth Taylor (b:1797 MD)She had a daughter Alcinda (b:1836 Ohio) Alcinda was living with gggGmother Elizabeth in 1850 census in LaPorte IN with brother James(b:1831 Ohio) and another brother lived nearby, William (b:1823 Ohio) both brothers were Harnessmakers, cannot find who Elizabeth was married to or any trace of her after 1850 census. Alcinda married a Fosdick in Indiana left him and ended up in MO with a Charles Hopkins Her daughter was Flora Mae Fosdick Hopkins Lucas (b: 1860 IN d:1945 CA) she married a Hopkins and then a Lucas. Flora's daughter Fossetta was the mother of the 1940 movie star Mary Beth Hughes which was my father cousin. Was always told we were related to Zachary Taylor President but so are so many others. were not many male children born on this side of family any help appreciated.

257 - - - I am searching for decendants of my great grandfather Charles Bandy who died nov. 1912 in Cabell county Guyandotte, West virginia of TB at age 35. He was born in Virginia. He had 2 brothers that I know of William and James Bandy. Records imply their father was John Bandy ex Mayor of Hanging rock, Ohio who died in Denver Colorado after contracting TB. Mother is listed as Liza Alberts - Bandy. If you know any info. on any Bandys' please email me

256 - - - I would like to know whether anyone has any information about William Taylor and his wife Sara Yova who were married in England around 1800. Their son Daniel started Taylor family here in Malta.

255 - - - I am looking for information about my grandmother's family. She was adopted and her birth mother was Mary Taylor. This occured in Alabama around 1900. My grandmother wouldn't talk about it so we don't have any further information. She made up a birthday to be 1900. Her married name was Clara Lovell and she lived in Calhoun County. Her birthmother may have lived in Jacksonville, Alabama. I would appreciate any information

254 - - - My gr. gr. grandma was Sarah (Pretty) Taylor born abt. 1854 in VA and married a Wilson William Taylor born abt. 1852 in VA. They had my gr. grandma Viola Taylor 03/08/1889 in Richmond, VA and passed in 1965 in New York. Viola married James E. Payne born in VA abt. 1889 as well. and passed in 1961 in New York.

253 - - - I am trying to find information on James Walter Taylor, Nannie Mae Taylor died Del Rio Tenn. Married N.C. Thank You for any info they had 16 children, W.B. Taylor George, Thomas, Carroll, Roxy, Joe, Etta, James, Forrest, ruby, cora lee, etc.

252 - - - Ancestor William Grassell Taylor, born Feb 1813, christened May 1813 at Circular Church, Charleston, SC. Parents James and Mary. Moved to Philadelphia, married in 1838 to Laura Cornelia Warner, died in 1850 in Philadelphia. They had 2 sons, William Grassell Taylor Jr and Carrington Warner Taylor. Looking for James and Mary, probably born around 1790-1793, I assume SC.

251 - - - My Grandfather was John Watts Taylor from Hertford County, NC. He was married to Bettie White from Bertie County, NC

250 - - - I am interested in contacting others researching any of these Taylors: Children of Canellum Taylor(1774-18480 & Frances Marsh (1779-1859): 1. William D. Taylor (1802-abt 1865) married Agnes Hemphill(1803-?) Chn: Nancy, 1830; Rachael, 1833; Canellum "Kelley, 1835; John H., 1838; Elizabeth, 1841; & Clay, 1844; family lived in Stoddard Co., MO prior to Civil War. 2. Robert Marsh Taylor (1804-?) married Agnes White one son John died in LA before family moved on to Rusk Co., TX 3. Nancy Ann Taylor, (1806-?) married 1851, Gray Briggs Barker (1797-1870); only 1 son, Gray Briggs Barker Jr. (1852-1931) lived in Gibson Co., TN. 4. Joseph Taylor (1808-?) married Sallie Ellison (1813- ?) 1850 were in Hot Spring Co., Ark. with children: Tansy, 16; Mary, 15; Bazil, 13; Jane, 12; John, 11; William, 10; & Frances, 8. 5. John Bazil Taylor (1809-1883) married 1st Agnes Rebekah Walker (1822-1850), d/o Matthew Patton Walker & Agnes Rebecca Hope; 1 child, Frances Agnes, (abt 1845- ?) married 2nd, 1856, Elizabeth Maria "Bettie" Goodrich, (1825-1878), d/o Edmund Goodrich & Frances Elizabeth Briggs Goodrich. family lived in Davidson Co., TN. 6. Basil Manley Taylor (1811-1886) married Dicie Williams, (1817-1891) d/o Silas Mercer Williams & Sarah Dicie "Sallie" Crutchfield; 11 chn. settled in Gibson Co., TN. 7. Elizabeth Taylor (1813-1825) 8. Alexander Marsh Taylor (1816-?) married in Illinois, 1838, Sarah Woolley, (1822-?) d/o Martin Woolley & Nancy Neal: family settled in Tulare Co., CA; children listed were: Martin Van Buren Taylor, b. Dec 1841; Rachel Taylor, b. 1846; Alfred Riley Taylor, b. 1848; Frances Taylor, b. 1851; Edward Taylor, abt 1857; Mary A. Taylor, (1859-1933) married Josiah Walton Bell; & Annie T. Taylor, b. 1850. 9. Rachel Taylor (1818-?) married William P. Bradley (abt 1809 - ?) s/o Absolom Bradley; family was in Rusk Co., TX in 1850; children listed: Baswell A.(or Bazil), 12; Mary C., 10; Nancy A., 8; Susan F., 6; John R., 3; & William H., 5 months. 10. Jane Taylor, (1820-1868), was blind, did not marry.

249 - - - i am a descendant of richard taylor. who married susan hosford. any one with info. contact me thank's. Same richard taylor on trail of tear's? i am looking for info about samuel parks, he was richard taylor's brother in law. susan taylor's husband. our taylor line come's from richard taylor &and susan hosford.our richard taylor's father's name jacob taylor, married last name given.they had george washington taylor fought civil war battle of chattanooga, tenn.i have more info on this taylor linage .i'll be willing to help you maybe i'll learn more also.God bless you in your search!

248 - - - My Great Great Great Grandmother was Mary Taylor born in England who married John Jackson born in England(this information is from my great great grandmothers death certificate). Don't know for sure how many children they had. I can't find any census on them together with Jane Jackson. They had my great great grandmother Jane Jackson b August 6, 1856 England d november 17, 1934 in New York. Married apr,may, or june 1875 salford, England to William Monaghan b apr 1857 England, they had Elizabeth(my great grandmother), Mabel and Beatrice and possibly a son who stayed behind in England named james who died in his 20's so the story is told. The Old stories told to my great Aunt by her grandmother was we were related to George Washington Taylor of "Lord and Taylor" store but that we were cousins or something. Does anyone know the whole family tree of him because I am stuck in England on the Taylor family. Please help if you can with any of this. Thank You

247 - - - There are two WILLIAM CAROL TAYLOR'S. One is the son of Vincent Taylor and Mary R. Puckett. He married Martha Jane White and had 12 children. The other one is the son of Robert Taylor and Eliza "Lizzy" Branch. He married Octavia Brooks and had one son that I know of named William Carol Taylor Jr. who married Olivia Collier. This web site,, by Alf Poplin Taylor showing the connection between Taylor and Branch Families states that the son of Robert and Eliza Taylor named William Carol married Martha Jane White. This is not true and the children listed are Martha Jane's with the other William Carol, son of Vincent Taylor and Mary Puckett. Researchers are getting these two mixed up. I hope some of them will see this post and change their web sites to reflect the truth. I could not find a contact for Alf Poplin Taylor. Maybe someone who knows him can show him this post.

246 - - - After 3 years, I have no firm results on Eliza J. Taylor or Tayler, (AA) b circa1848-58VA, moved to LA and AR..her kids were FAnnie, b1865AR and Maranda,b1867-68LA..I find Fannie in AR m to Henry Williamson, then Jim General Morgan...I find Maranda m in AR to George E. Washington, and may be a 2nd marriage as first kids are Lawson Wimberly (or WImbly or Wemley) and Ida Wimberly/Wemley, who supposedly m a Nave. Eliza ends up as Eliza Jenkins in AR....related surnames may be Hatcher and Herrod or Harrod....Thank You in advance

245 - - - Looking for information about Gideon Taylor, born in about 1793, someplace in Virginia. He moved to Tennessee and was married to a woman named Katherine. We believe he had a son named Joseph, who was married to a woman named Abiah. I would like to have any information on any of these individuals that is available. Thanks for any help

244 - - - Sarah (Taylor) Burgett(sp) Jones b. abt. 1854 MO or IL; d. about 1884 (KS?) reportedly delivering twins who did not survive. Burgett children Clara and Elijah b. Hamburg, Fremont County, IA. On 1880 census with husband James Jones at Cawker City, Mitchell County KS; husband James farming homestead belonging to Anson & J O Jones of Ogle County IL. James born Nova Scotia, Canada or England but Il Joneses not from Canada. Oldest Surviving child Netta Estella Jones Weld, b. 1881 Fort Scott KS. Any information about possible parents, spouse Burgett, death date or place for either Sarah or James will be researched thoroughly. Clara was my grandmother. Brickwalled for 4 yrs! Thanks, Grace in Ak

243 - - - I'm stuck in TN with Great, Great, Grandfather George Washington TAYLOR 1808. He is well established later in the Guntersville, AL where he had a large family by three wives. I descend through his son George M. TAYLOR who settled in the Rosston, Nevada County, AR area and married Mary Della LUCK. One source, not cofirmed by me, says George Washington TAYLOR was born in Wayne County, TN, ca 1808. The 1810 TN Census Index lists Absolam, 2 James, 2 Johns & William, all living in Jefferson,Rutherford County, TN. Ha' up! As we say in East Texas

242 - - - Hello, Trying to link my fathers ancesters. His grandfather was a Charles Taylor b 2-13-1855 in Illinois d March 2 1926, his first wife was a Mary or Margene Embry, don't know date of birth or death on her. His second wife who he married in 1900 Was Effie Jane Little b Aug 15 1878 and died 9-22-1959 in Spokane, WA. By the first marriage Charles and Mary had two children, Lura Taylor Parrill b June 7,1880 d April 16, 1945 and Alexander Frank Taylor think born June 1878 and died possibly in WWI around 1919. Charles and Effie had 5 childred, Myrtle, Lela, Eldon, Ruth and Ruby, after Charles died in 1926 Effie moved the family to Spokane,WA. Anyone with a date of death or anything relating to Alexander Frank or Mary Taylor and the parents names for Charles are appreciated

241 - - - I am looking for any relatives to my ggrandfather, Elihue Taylor, son of Harrison Taylor. He is from the Whitetop, Va or Ashe County, NC area. He was born in 1899. Any information would be appreciated.

240 - - - Searching for the parents of Winnaford/Winifred TAYLOR b. abt 1804 Anderson Co., SC; mar. Isham PEEBLES bet. 1820/1825 either in SC or AL. They had 10 children; most born in Henry Co., AL and the last three born in Dale Co., AL. They all moved to Polk Co., TX where they lived until they died. I did find a William TAYLOR (1773-1840) and his wife Susanna (1771-1845) buried in Taylor Family Cemetery; Anderson Co., SC (they are the only people buried there). This could "possibly" be her parents, but have no idea one way or another. If anyone has information on Winifred TAYLOR's parents, please contact me.

239 - - - I am searching for descendants of my grandfather Arthur Nelson Taylor Born in Harting. Sussex England about 1867 and was in the Army based in Woolich in District of Healt with his wife Ada Catherine Taylor (nee Sheppard) at 3 Waverly Cottage in 1902. I am anxious for any information regarding his whereabouts after this date.

238 - - - Would like to exchange data with others researching the Taylor Family of Chester County, PA. Robert Taylor (1633 - 1695) and wife Mary Hayes Isaac Taylor (1666 - 1717 and wife Sarah Broadwell Joseph Taylor (1693/94 - 1791) and wife Mary Maris Jesse Taylor (1726 - 1810) and wife Ann Way Joseph Taylor (1751 - 1794) and wife Jane Walters Israel Taylor (1782 - 1850) and wife Susan Mause

237 - - - My Taylor family descends from John, b. @1790, NC. Md. Nancy Burkhead, b. NC. John and Nancy had,Elisha, b.1810 & Whitson Burkhead Taylor, b. NC. The remaining children b. Tennessee; James, Jeremiah M.(my 2nd greatgrandfather), and Elizabeth and Nancy. John may have gone ahead to Morgan co, Missouri with sons; Elisha, Whitson and Jeremiah, but he d. there in 1837. In his probate records there is only a reference to the 3 sons, saying Jeremiah was "orphaned" child, age 14. Nancy was not mentioned. I do not know what happened to Nancy B.Taylor or the younger children. I have Elisha's, Whitson's, and Jeremiah's family info,(MO and Ark), but would like any ideas or info. on Nancy. She may have been too ill to travel with the younger children and stayed with her family of Burkheads, but has not been found on the census records there. This Family of Taylors originally settled in Tyrell co., NC and later moved to Granville....or boundaries changed...and rumor has it that John's father was Thomas, whose father was Richard III.

236 - - - I am looking for the ancestors and descendants of David Taylor, born approximately 1798, in North Carolina. He owned a plantation there and was alive at least until the 1840s.

235 - - - I have been able to trace my Taylor family back to the late 1780s in Burke Co., GA, where William and Joshua are listed on the tax records. They moved to Washington Co., GA by 1790, when my ggg-grandfather, Andrew Taylor, was born. He had two brothers that I know of, Richard and Thomas, and two sons, Joshua and William Thomas. They lived at various times in Laurens Co. and Thomas Co., GA, then moved to FL in the early 1820's when the Spanish ceded FL to the U.S. Several of them were early Methodist Circuit Riders, and are listed as Pioneers of FL. Family legend has it that they came to GA from VA, but I am still seeking the VA connection. A cousin of mine has joined the DNA project in hopes of finding that connection, and if anyone has any information on this line, please contact me.

234 - - - Looking for names of Brothers of President Zachery Taylor. My mother-in-law was Lillian Mae Taylor Vincent of Louisville Ky. Her father was George Franklin Taylor (died in 1938 -born appx 1865). Family history says that George was the nephew of President Zachery Taylor. From my research I know that President Zachery Taylor lived in Louisville and is buried there. Any information would be appreciated. Please email any info. Thank you!!

233 - - - I am looking for information regarding Thomas W. Taylor. He is my great grandfather. He married Frances Arleva Kennington and had the following children. John William Taylor,Henry Jackson Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Emma Taylor, Margaret Jeanette Taylor and two twin sons who died at birth. In 1897 he married Mary Pitts(not sure what happened to Frances)in Yell County, Arkansas. They had children Delbert Columbus Taylor(my grandfather)George Washington Taylor and Phoebe Taylor. Thomas was killed in a logging accident in either 1904 or 1909. I am trying to find out information about Thomas W. Taylors parents, where he came from and any brothers or sisters he may have had. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

232 - - - Seeking help with the family of George Washington Taylor, born abt. 183 in Arkansas and died 1956 in Rusk County, Texas. He was married to Mary L. Ella. Children were Edgar, Maggie, Lula, Ruthy, Linnie and Pearl. By 1923 in Rusk Co., TX, George was married to Julia Lafitte (not known if that is her maiden name since she was married before marrying George), Julia and George were married. They had several children, the oldest being George B. Taylor. The earliest finding of George Washington Taylor is in Hunt County, TX in 1900. I am not able to determine his parentage because there are so many Taylors named George Washington. Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated.

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