Navigation: Click any name, that will move that person to the top position and display their children and grandchildren. Click on HusbFather and that will put the husbands father in the top position and will display him with a separate table for each wife. HusbMother, Wife Father, WifeMother is similar. Guests are allowed to view the deceased only, association members can view the living members of their family line.  
Display one Family Click one of the top names and a family group sheet will display, Appointed administrators can log in and edit the data.  

Search by Given Name and surname, names have to be exact spelling as in the database. However, the names may be abbreviated or even left blank. For instance entering a surname of Taylor will display every individual with the last names of Taylor, this will be a very long list, be careful and don't let it bounce off the floor. Entering a first name of Ka and a last name of Taylor will display all the individuals whose first name starts with Ka and with the Last Name of Taylor. Click the individual of interest and the 3 generation chart will display with that individual in the top spot.


Getting Member/Administrator

Contact our President - Noel Taylor - for an Account and Password