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Rasmussen, Helen 1915-2000
Rawson, Martha Amelia 1866-1910
Rees, Beverly 1934-2001
Richardson, Reed C 1917-2000
Roberts, Phoebe Ann 1842-1919
Robertson, Robert Earl 1922-2000
Rolen, Nora Ellen 1874-1956
Rone, Sarah Elizabeth 1808-1867
Runner, Loren D -2000
Runner, Mary Elizabeth 1827-1893
Beverly Rees (1934-2001)
Beverly Rees (1934-2001)

Beverly passed away 19 Sep 2001 at Wasatch Valley Rehab.

She was born 30 June 1934 in Loa, Utah to Parley Rees and Mandy Melvina Bastian.

She married Elmer Davis on 25 Jul 1953. She was a member of the LDS church.

Interment 24 Sep 2001 at Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park, 3401 S. Highland Dr., Salt Lake City.

Beverly was a granddaughter of Jacob Sanders Bastian & Harriet Ann Taylor who was a daughter of Allen Taylor & Phoebe Roberts.