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Louisa Taylor (1819-1853)
Louisa Taylor (1819-1853)
& Hosea Stout (1810-1889)

From “Family History of the Joseph Taylor, Jr. and Sarah Best Family”
By Shari H. Franke

Louisa Taylor was born 19 October 1819, near Richardsville, Warren, Kentucky. Her parents were William Taylor and Elizabeth Patrick. She was about 11 years of age when she moved to Monroe County, Kentucky with her family.

She married 29 November 1840, Hosea Stout, at Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois. She was Hosea's (2) wife. She and Hosea came to Utah with the Mormon Pioneers, and they lived at Salt Lake City. Louisa died when she was only 33 years old, 11 January 1853, at Salt Lake City 2 days after giving birth to her eight child, probably from complications of childbirth. Her husband was away on an L.D.S. Mission to China when she died. She and Hosea were both buried at the Salt Lake Cemetery.

Hosea Stout, born 18 September 1810, at Danville, Mercer, Kentucky. He was the son of Joseph Stout and Anna Smith. Hosea was closely associated with the Prophet Joseph Smith in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois. He was one of four men called on the first L.D.S. Mission to China. He arrived 27 April 1853. Hosea Stout married (1) 7 January 1838, Samantha Peck. Married (3) 20 Apr 1845, Lucretia Fisher, at Sauvoc, Hancock, Illinois. Married (4) 30 June 1845, Marinda Bennett, at Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois. Married (5) 9 January 1854, Aseneth Harmon (Gheen), widow of the late William Gheen, at Salt Lake City. (Divorced in a few months.) Married (6) 19 July 1855, Alvira Wilson, at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. Married (7) Sarah Cox (Jones), widow of David Hadlock Jones. Hosea served in the Black Hawk War in 1832. He was named to be the first City Attorney in St. George, Washington, Utah, and was also made an Attorney for the United States in 1862, signed by President Abraham Lincoln. He died 2 March 1889, at Holladay, Salt Lake, Utah.

Hosea Stout and Louisa Taylor's children were: Lydia Sarah, William Hosea, Hyrum, Louisa, Elizabeth Ann, Hosea Jr., Eli Harvey and Joseph Allen.