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James Newton Taylor (1869-1947)
James Newton Taylor (1869-1947)
& Nora Ellen Rolen (1874-1956)

From “Family History of the Joseph Taylor, Jr. and Sarah Best Family”
By Shari H. Franke

James Newton Taylor was born 20 July 1869, probably at Little Reedy Creek (Taylor Port), Butler, Kentucky. "At age three, 'his mother died, and he experienced an early adjustment when his father remarried to a young neighbor lady, Louisa Ellen Whalen, who had been a companion to his mother before his birth. A strong bond of affection for his stepmother developed in this early relationship.

His father, who had been a Civil War Union soldier and a captive of Confederate forces, experienced difficulty in readjusting to a new life of the South after his discharge, so in 1874 he brought his family to West Plains, Howell County, Missouri. James Newton worked with his father on a farm and in railroad construction east and south of West Plains until adversity, resulting from a low bid, caused the firm to withdraw from that endeavor. However, the family and employees continued to saw log ties for the railroad roadway until that expanse of track had been completed, and it was no longer economically feasible to haul the ties. Small mills were springing up as the road bed construction continued southward through Arkansas and terminating in Florida.

Nora Ellen Rolen & James Newton TaylorJames Newton married Nora Ellen Rolen on 21 October 1888 in Alton, Missouri. He had met his bride-to-be while visiting in Thayer, Missouri on a business trip with his father. Soon, however, the family was to leave the West Plains area enroute to a new experience in Dodge City, Kansas. This journey brought the James Wesley family, including James Newton and his new bride, to Mulberry, Lincoln Township, Crawford County, Kansas, where his brothers, Nicholas Wren and Joseph irven and sisters Paradine Taylor Bashauk (Hiram S.) and Sarab Best Taylor Davenport (Shed G.) had established residences and holdings.

Wren, Joseph and sisters finally prevailed upon James Wesley to settle in an area near Yates Center, Kansas rather than proceed to Dodge City, which was going through turmoil and a community adjustment process that government marshals, such as Wyatt Earp, were called upon to forcibly correct. James Newton remained in Mulberry in the same stone house to which he had come with his father. This three-story stone structure had been built by Wren of stone quarried on his vast acreage, but had been vacated when the new home, which still stands, was finished in October 1887.

So now James Newton Taylor and Nora Ellen set up housekeeping at ages 20 and 15 respectively, for the first time on their own, while he continued to work for his Uncle Wren in the quarry and on the farm.

Nora Ellen Rolen was born 2 August 1874, near Alton, Oregon, Missouri. She was the daughter of Thomas and Perselia Rolen.

James Newton Taylor - Nora Ellen Rolen FamilyJames Newton and Nora Ellen had ten sons and daughters: Thomas Everett; Maude Elizabeth; Roy Hrnest; Dee Eva; Ted Rolen; James Wesley; Jesse Lee; Robert Real; Mildred Augusta and Laurence Donald Taylor. Thomas Everett, Robert Neal and Lawrence Donald all died young; the others grew to maturity. After several years, James Newton and Nora Ellen moved to Arcadia, Crawford, Kansas. James established himself as a plumber/pipe fitter in his own shop there in Arcadia.

James Newton Taylor & Nora Ellen Rolen 50th Wedding Anniversarty at their home in Arcadia, Kansas, summer of 1938James Newton died 11 May 1947, and Nora Ellen died on 22 June 1956, both at Arcadia, Crawford, Kansas. They were both buried at Rosebank Cemetery, Mulberry, Crawford, Kansas.

The following note of interest on the family was provided by grandson William Howard Jewell of St. Louis, Missouri: "Four of the sons became teachers and school administrators. One son, upon moving to McAllen, Texas went into the insurance business after approximately five years there. "Roy E. Taylor (1894-1972) was Supt. of Schools, Herculaneum, Missouri for about 40 years. Ted R. Taylor (1901-1985) Supt. of Schools, Girard, Kansas for 40 years. Jess Lee Taylor (1907-1960), Supt. of Schools, Grandview, Missouri for 25 years. Each, after retirement and/or death was 'honored and awarded for service by having a functional building named for him." Mr. Jewell is understandably proud of his family.

Buildings named for the sons of James Newton Taylor and Nora Ellen Rolen
Roy E. Taylor Elementar School, Herculanium, MOTed R. Taylor Gymnasium, Girard, KansasJess L. Taylor Memorial Building, Grandview Senior High School, Grandview, MO