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Charlotte Belle White(1855-1920)
Charlotte Belle White(1855-1920)
& Joseph Warren Cole (1847-1930)

From “Family History of the Joseph Taylor, Jr. and Sarah Best Family”
By Shari H. Franke

Charlotte Belle White, daughter of Hezekiah White and Mary Ann Elizabeth Hudnall, was born 26 February 1855, Warren County, Kentucky.

Home built by Joseph Warren Cole for his new bride, Charlotte Belle WhiteShe married 2 October 1874, Joseph Warren Cole, at Bowling Green, Warren, Kentucky. Joseph Warren Cole was born 7 August 1847, at Warren County, Kentucky. He was the son of William Alfred Cole and Nancy Maxey.

They were the parents of 13 children: Alma Pearl; Rachel Allie; William Chambrus ("Bud"); Joseph Elbridge ("Bb"); James Kiah; Nannie Mae; Ernest; Elmer Guy; Myri; Ida Belle; Marvin R.; Mildred Louise and Hobart Cole.

Mt Pisgah Church, built by Whites and Coles"On Highway 263 west of Richardsville, on the Riverside Road, stands the lovely old two-story home of Joseph Warren Cole, presently owned by Mr. and Mrs. L. B. White. Joe Cole was the father of the late Mrs. A. R. Stewart and Mr. Cole built the house just before his marriage to Charlotte Belle White on 21 October 1874. The house is built of yellow poplar and is in excellent state of preservation. It has the conventional wide central hall with large rooms on both sides and the second floor similar in arrangement. The porch across the front has been added. Mr. Cole was a staunch Methodist and Mrs. Stewart told us that she heard her father say that he, Jim Hudnall and 'Lum' Cole put every nail in the Mt. Pisgah Church."

Charlotte Belle White died 22 November 1920 at Warren County, Kentucky. Joseph Warren Cole died 7 January 1930 at Warren County. They were both buried at the Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Warren, Kentucky.