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Wallace, Emeline 1840-1924
Wallace, Etheldred 1782-1862
Wallace, Evans 1807-1864
Wessler, Walter V 1918-2001
West, Dennis K 1939-2001
Whalen, Louisa Ellen 1848-1933
White, Charles Allen 1857-1936
White, Charlotte Belle 1855-1920
White, Elijah Upton 1853-1881
White, Fannie Anne Elizabeth 1862-1943
White, Hezekiah 1824-1910
White, Laura 1853-1881
White, Leona Celeste 1857-1944
White, Mary Columbia 1851-1912
White, Mary Etta 1860-1884
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White, Sarah M 1827-1900
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White, William Lawson 1801-1876
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Wride, Fern 1893-1983
Wright, Erma Ruth 1908-1995
Hezekiah White (1824-1910)
Hezekiah White (1824-1910)
& Mary Ann Elizabeth Hudnall (1831-1904)

From “Family History of the Joseph Taylor, Jr. and Sarah Best Family”
By Shari H. Franke

Hezekiah WhiteHezekiah White was born 6 July 1824 to William Lawson White and Charlotte Taylor at Warren County, Kentucky.

Hezekiah White & Mary Ann Elizabeth HudnallHe married 6 September 1849, Mary Ann Elizabeth Hudnall, at Warren County.

Hezekiah or "Hez" as he was more commonly known, "owned 254 acres of valuable well-improved land, on which he raised wheat, corn, oats, tobacco and stock. He was a Mason and a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. He was also a Democrat."

R. Spencer Drake, tells a good story about Hezekiah: "Hezekiah White copied his father in supplying water for his family's needs. A granddaughter of George Washington Cherry, father of the nine Cherry boys, said her grandfather would tell stories about White, saying with disgust: 'Anybody too lazy to tote a bucket of water...' Of course, Cherry had nine sons to tote water. White had nine girls and only three sons. Cherry also would wonder how White accumulated so much of the world's goods and never worked. White also took up trading from his father and grandfather, going from farm to farm buying or trading for their produce..." Hezekiah White owned some slaves and was quite supportive to the confederate side during the War, according to his granddaughter, Frances Bradsher, who is still living (1993). Hezekiah White was present at the 1909 Taylor Family Reunion at Richardsville, Warren, Kentucky. He died about one year later, on 13 September 1910 at Woodbury, Butler, Kentucky.

Home of Hezekiah WhiteMary Ann Elizabeth Hudnall was born 20 September 1831 at Warren County, Kentucky, a daughter of Reverend John Wesley Hudnall and Rachel Upton (who was the daughter of Elijah Upton and Elizabeth Ford). Mary Ann was born and raised in Warren County. She had a religious upbringing, being the daughter of a minister. She was a devoted wife and mother of 12 children. Mary Ann Elizabeth "had quite poor health in her later years, so her girls learned to keep house early, and nowhere were there better managers. It was rumored that nobody in that section could make biscuits like the White sisters. There were only three boys out of the twelve White children, and young men in the neighborhood had a preference for the Whites' house on Sunday afternooons (which was the established courting time). Most of the daughters were red-headed too." Mary Ann Elizabeth died 24 November 1904 at Warren County, Kentucky. She and Hezekiah were both buried at the Mount Pisgah Church Cemetery below Riverside, Warren, Kentucky.

Back: Charles Allen, Rachel Thomas, James Hezekiah, Fannie Anne Elizabeth, Connie Larue. Front: Hezekiah, Mary Columbia, Charlotte Belle & Leona Celeste White.Hezekiah White and Mary Ann Elizabeth Hudnall's children were: Mary Columbia, Elijah Upton, Charlotte Belle, Leona Celeste, Charles Allen, Rachel Thomas, Fannie Anne Elizabeth, Lucy L., Nancy ("Nannie"), Connie Larue, Sallie Carson and James Hezekiah White.