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Floyd, Gideon 1822-
Floyd, Marcia Ann 1828-1872
Floyd, Nancy 1853-
Floyd, Polly Ann 1851-1909
Nancy Floyd (ca. 1853- )
Nancy Floyd (ca. 1853- )
& Marsh Miller

From “Family History of the Joseph Taylor, Jr. and Sarah Best Family”
By Shari H. Franke

Nancy Floyd, daughter of Gideon Floyd and Rhodah Chastain Taylor, was born ca. 1853 at Warren County, Kentucky. She married Marsh Miller, the son of Jacob Miller, Jr. (The Millers were early settlers in Warren County and closely tied in with our Taylor family.)

Marsh and Nancy had eight sons and daughters, as follows: Clarence, who died young; Robert; Eugene; Virginia Margaret; Francis; Nancy; Elijah and Florence Miller.

Mrs. Nora Young Ferguson recorded: "This family are all very successful farmers, have good homes with plenty around them, but they do not keep family records."

Marsh Miller was buried at the Fairview Cemetery, in Bowling Green, Warren, Kentucky, according to Mrs. Ferguson. (So possibly Nancy Floyd was also buried there.)